1. Spend at least an hour at the gym to get a proper workout.

The truth is that you achieve your best performance in the first 30 minutes of your workout. Including a thorough 7 minute stretch at the end of your workout, 40 minutes is the maximum you should spend on your routine each time you go to the gym.

By increasing your intensity on each exercise, doing longer repetitions over a longer period of time with shorter rests in between, you should be able to incorporate cardio, resistance and toning within your session.

2. You shouldn’t eat before the gym.

It is important to put some energy into your body before any session, say half hour before. Choose a small but calorific portion of food such as a banana or a spoon full of peanut butter. This will give you the energy your body needs to perform its best, especially during resistance and high intensity training.

3. Dieting and weight loss teas will help you drop weight.

Crash diets are never the solutions, you are stripping your body from the nutrients, goodness, and balance your body needs. You might not even know but you may be deficient in iron or other minerals and this is where things can go really wrong if you are stopping your body getting what it needs.

If you feeling unhappy about your body shape, I would recommend seeing a dietician, she/he will do a thorough check and will give you the right course of action without endangering your life.

If you combine a good fitness routine, I can guarantee you fast results.

4. That you should have one “go-to” workout that you do during your workout sessions. 

You should change your workout routine every 2 to 4 weeks to prevent boredom. You will find someone who sticks with the same program tends to plateau and give up. It is also important to challenge yourself mentally and physically.

5. Using weights will cause you to bulk up/ gain muscle. 

It is true that weights are the tools to gain muscle fast, most women are discouraged and even afraid to use them because they believe they will end up looking like a bodybuilder after weeks of training. So instead, they would stick to running on the treadmill or cross trainer machines.

These are great for a good cardio session but it won’t help you gaining any definition to your upper body part and certainly won’t help you gaining strength which is many girls excuses to avoid a push-ups…

Free weights such as dumbbells or kettle bells will encourage your core to work and help your body with posture when used in a standing position or on an exercise ball. If you minimize the weight and increase repetition, your exercise is no longer a muscle building exercise but a cardio exercise burning the fat in the same way as running on a treadmill.


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