Winter blues anyone? Sounds familiar right, once the beauty and allure of winter has faded, you start to pine for a little bit of warmth, at least the way it makes you feel and how much better you look in summer. So you’re not Mother Nature and you can’t summon a change in weather, but you can certainly give yourself a little makeover. Who doesn’t feel better when they feel and look beautiful all the time, regardless of the weather?

-Start by making sure that you continue a daily cleansing routine with your skin, don’t get into the habit of leaving makeup on, this is a sure way to clog your pores and start breaking out.

-Always moisturize your skin regardless of the weather, in order to enhance the health of your skin and prevent blotichness when applying makeup.

-Sunscreen is a year round necessity as well. Make sure to purchase healthy ingredients always!

-Hair maintenance is a big one, just because your head is covered with wool hats does not mean there is room for neglect. Use heat protectant to maintain its moisture when blow drying.

-Allocate at least one hour per week for a mini home spa routine: this includes massaging coconut oil into your hair, and making your own masks from mixing honey and lemon, or honey and papaya or avocado. A little bit of fruit on your face goes a long way to create that glowing, healthy skin look without having to expend much money after all.

-Kick start your exercise routine, check out our workout series. Just do it and don’t look back.

-If you’ve been eating too many fatty foods, start juicing, go to a local Whole Foods or other health food market and gulp some of the juicy, green goodness, you will instantly feel better about yourself, and the health benefits will follow.

-An instant glam technique is curling your eyelashes, this has the effect of enlarging your eyes and making you look fabulous without much effort.

-Always use a creamy formula for your concealer in a shade that will match your skin, never lighter!

-Use a foundation stick to enhance your cheekbones; every celebrity that you’ve seen on magazine covers has had their bone structure enhanced with one of those sticks.

-Try using a cream blush instead of powder because it actually looks more natural, and your skin will look glowing.

-Dry, chapped lips are very common during winter, first apply ChapStick to moisten lips before applying lipstick.

There you have it, just a few tips to get you out of that winter rut. In a matter of minutes, these tips can help you get that glam back into your winter looks, so what are you waiting for? Take the first step today and shop some of the essentials below:



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  1. Excellent tips and element of beauty for girl or womens!! Also for me.

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