First dates are sooooo awkward. There is often much anxiety and over-thinking about where to go, who will pay and what to do after the “dreaded dinner-date.” Figuring out what to wear and what shoes to go with it can take hours, especially if you really like him! Let’s be honest, we know there are others just like us who have tried on everything in the closet twice, while thinking how can I possibly get to know who he really is in a loud restaurant or bar and when will we have the opportunity to kiss?! And…how long can I possibly stand to wear those shoes that are going to kill me! All of these real fears, anxieties and first date jitters can be relieved by making your first date a beach date. The ocean naturally puts you both at ease and instantly creates a fun atmosphere. Lying on a beach blanket in your favorite boyfriend jeans, a flirty top, natural beach-glow makeup, while munching on some deli treats brings you closer, offering intimacy and room for conversation. Building a bonfire together or playing frisbee, collecting shells, going for a walk, watching the sunset, noticing if he walks past a piece of trash or picks it up, getting to meet his dog and checking out his feet (haha we know you will) are all important clues about how he attracts or repels your chemistry. If the date is not going well, like he is a poor sport at frisbee and treats you like an inferior athlete, walks past that piece of trash, his dog is obnoxious and his feet are even worse, then just after sunset you can say “thanks and let’s go.” But if you like him …there is no better place than the beach after sunset to make out with a hottie. How to plan that perfect first beach-date: 1. Tell him the beach is your favorite place and ask him to meet you there so you have a getaway plan, just in case. 2. Don’t tell him what to bring and see what he does or doesn’t bring. This will give you clues as to who he is and will show him that you are not controlling. 3. When you meet there don’t haul a bunch of stuff down to the sand. Keep it simple, like you just happen to have your beach gear in the back of your car, which you do, right? 4. Make sure the food is uber simple. No plastic forks or messy sauces. 5. Lastly, we suggest our summer playlist for your music. NOTEBOOK

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