Schermafbeelding 2012-08-27 om 23.20.40Name: Thomas Lamot
Age: 26
Location: Europe, Belgium, Antwerp
Occupation: Painter/ Model
Single/Taken: Single

What is your favorite thing about a girl in a bikini?

A bikini reveals the beauty of a womans body…It covers the right parts but shows enough to make your head go crazy. For me a woman is the most beautiful thing there is and when wearing a bikini they are the most beautiful!

What is your favourite style of bikini?

I will try to explain as well as possible with the help of google. A small bottom, love it when you see the booty a little bit. A triangle top is always nice, but my favorite is the bandeau. A one piece is classy but I can imagine it’s hard for women to tan in!

Who is your dream bikini girl?

Daniella Grace

Tell us one thing a girl should NOT do at the beach?

Do not get drunk or smoke cigarettes.

Do you wear board shorts or a speedo?

I’m European so we love speedo’s. Personally I never had the guts to wear them so for now I’m still wearing board shorts but one day I will rock my speedo’s like no other!!

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