Name: Matt Cutshall
Age: 29
Location: Los Angeles
Occupation: Recording Artist

What is your favorite thing about a girl in a bikini? 

I like a girl who shows confidence in their bikini. No matter the shape or size of a girl confidence is always sexy!

What is your favorite style of bikini?

After much needed bikini research (no idea there were that many styles!) I took a quite liking to a halter top with double string bottoms! That was pretty sexy.

Who is your dream bikini girl?

Alice Eve

Tell us one thing a girl should NOT do at the beach?

In my opinion a girl should never show off too much of their body at the beach. Leave some of it a mystery! Keep us wondering.

Do you wear board shorts or a speedo? 

I wear above the knee board shorts. Gotta keep those thighs tan!


Matt_Cutshall_LA_Portraits-001 Matt_Cutshall




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  1. Ayasha Reply

    This is a cute idea! I always wondered how guys felt about certain bikinis. Its funny to see some of them actually researched and got names and styles down haha interesting and fun!!!!

  2. Joanne Reply

    These posts of ‘what bikini he wants you to wear’ are telling women that we have to wear certain things, or act a certain way at the beach because it’s what men want. what about what women want? i’m not trying to bash a bikini a day, you girls do some awesome work, educating that any woman in a bikini is perfect. but with your growing popularity, you need to realize that you are marketing not only to women, but the age group is going down and young girls are looking up to you. that’s not a bad thing at all. but maybe you should be careful how you word certain posts and blogs. there shouldn’t be any reason why a girl needs to know what a man wants her to wear. she should know what she wants to wear.

    • admin Reply

      Thank you for your feedback Joanne, we really appreciate it. We do not want you to feel that this is what we are trying to portray. In no way are we saying that girls should wear a certain bikini because the “man crush” says so. The man crush, just as we do Woman Crush Wednesdays on twitter, is just to have some fun!

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