We’ve all been there. The moment the pools shut, all the day parties finish, and the day you pack your summer dresses away, replacing them with sweaters and pants (usually from last season until they can also be replaced). This is the day you wave goodbye to Fun from the gates of Fall and watch it depart to a distant Summer…

Welcome, friends, to October.

Although, it doesn’t have to be that way. Autumn is a beautiful time; hot days become warm, and the green of the leaves is replaced by beautiful, calming shades of auburn and red (optimism is key, guys). And if the withdrawal of beach hangs is a serious problem for you, know that there are still places you can bang out your bikinis and celebrate all that the summer has (had) to offer – without breaking the bank.

1. Our first suggestion is an obvious one. Get yourselves to a spa, stat. The only place you can happily gallivant around in a bikini no matter the weather, but more specifically, in a way that will purely and simply spoil you. There is nothing better than a reflexology massage followed by a detoxification in a sauna and a soothing swim to wrap things up.

If you can’t afford or get to a spa, try and find a pool near you – and we mean a heated one. There is such pleasure to be found in going for a warm, warm swim in the middle of fall or winter and watch the steam rise out of the water around you. It becomes your cocoon rather than your escape, and is so, so idyllic when the sun shines. It’s even better than summer. (Cue optimism**)

2. Keep to your workout schedule so you feel bikini ready, but more importantly, healthy throughout the cooler months. It’s a great confidence booster for the quieter months, plus it’ll keep your energy levels up, meaning your body and mind will keep going with serious zest, even when the skies are dark. Our favorite part? Exercise stimulates the release of endorphins, meaning that working out = happiness. Seriously.

We recommend exercising outside whenever you can. If the sun is shining, put on a cute little bralet (or bikini top if you don’t need to worry about bouncing) and go for a run along the river, up a hill, or on the beach. The Vitamin D you will get has endless benefits, and you’ll need as much as you can get during the winter months. Just to keep your positivity flowing.

Yoga. A calm, soothing activity to keep that blood flow up and your mind calm. The sun rises later and sets earlier during the winter months, so it is the perfect opportunity to do that sunrise yoga you wanted to do all summer, but didn’t feel the need to wake up so early for. If outdoors isn’t your thing or it just gets too damn cold, you can sweat it out in a Bikram studio, which is designed to be hotter than your average room and encourage more sweat. Close your eyes, and you’re back in the middle of summer…

3. Eat like it’s summer, even in Winter. There are so much food and drinks out there that sing of the warmer months. Picture yourself sitting on a desert island and what do you see? Coconuts. So replace your normal water with coconut water and reap all its health benefits whilst imagining the waves crashing at your feet…

Eat plenty of fruit. It grows in sunny climates, and combined with its sweetness, has the natural taste of summer. So intersperse your winter soups with fruit smoothies, guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. Or choose to snack on strawberries, oranges and melons – not only will it be way better for you than chocolate, but it will definitely bring a smile to your face.

What else? Head to your local farmers’ market. Fresh food and local produce rings true of summer. There is nothing more picturesque than spending your Saturdays sauntering between fresh fruits and vegetables, all tantalizingly succulent and beautifully presented. Whilst produce changes from season to season, the mentality is the same – we can’t keep away, whatever the month.

5. Decorate your home like you’re in Morocco or Malibu.

When it’s too cold to go outside, its time to bring the summer inside. Luckily for you, it has become fashionable to paper your walls with summer imagery, such as murals of palm trees (see the Beverly Hills Hotel).
If that’s a bit too brash for you though, accentuating your sofa with bright oranges, yellows and reds will evoke thoughts of heat and the exotic, taking you off to a land far, far away. Emphasise this with Moroccan accessories, and the brightest flowers you can find – sunflowers are obvious winners. Believe us, you won’t even care what’s going on outside.

One last tip. Al fresco dinners with your friends are always highlights of summer. So why not keep them going? Except inside, obviously. Decorate your dining room with lanterns, fairy lights and candles. Turn all the lights off and invite everyone around for drinks and some of that fresh farmers’ market produce you’ve just bought after a glorious day at the spa. You’ll be forgiven for forgetting its not summer anymore. We promise.

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