Best underwater photographersIf you are an ocean lover like us, you will love following these talented underwater photographers from the waters of Hawaii, Tahiti, the Bahamas and more!  If you ever find yourself in any of the amazing locations these photographers are based in and want some mermaid-like images of yourself we encourage you to reach out to them; these photos are something you will treasure forever and a once in a lifetime experience! Also see our top rated underwater digital cameras so you can give underwater photography a go yourselves!


Elena Kalis – The Bahamas @elenakalis


Alicia Franco- Hawaii @aliciaunderwater


Brooke Dombroski- Hawaii @brooklynhawaii


Clark Little- Hawaii @clarklittle


Claudia Cox- Hawaii @claucoxrfavela


Frankie Bees- Hawaii @frankiebees


Jana Morgan- Hawaii @janamorganphoto


Hayden Oneill- Australia @haydenoneill


Kelsey Finn- Hawaii @kelseyfinniscool


Matt Bruening- @mattbruening





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