round towels

New and fun beach accessories are important for us as bikini connoisseurs to keep our beach style on point at all times! Keeping your beach look chic and stylish will ensure that you always look classy and fabulous while laying on the sand. We are absolutely loving the newest trend: ROUND TOWELS! These fun and adorable towels are the perfect spin (no pun intended) on a classic beach towel. Who would have thought that anyone could have reinvented the beach towel?! We’re impressed, and we love it.

Take your beach style to the next level and shop some of our favorite round beach towels below! X

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  1. Loving round towels! Especially the ones from Beach people!
    Stand out with something different 🙂

  2. I love these round towels!! Perfection and I bet they could double as a table cloth in a pinch 🙂

  3. Nice ARRANGEMENT with the model & looks amazing

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