Top Travel Tips: By Our Jet-Set Followers

In our recent giveaway held with Tumi Travel we asked you guys to give us your top travel tips. We got so many amazing and useful tips that we decided to share them with everyone!

Here are some of the best tips from our jet-set followers:

  1. Always carry along a tripod if you’re traveling with your other half! That magic moment and perfect shot will come and you don’t want to photograph selfie style, or with only one person in the photo and you don’t always want to count on other people. – @timotejgosev
  2.  Pack an umbrella because rain does happen! – @chartnek
  3. Always bring a small First Aid kit along in your trip! You never know when you’ll need it. – @akmatthysse
  4. Make a list of the things you want to carry, prepare your luggage, empty 20% of it! – @malonsoroldan
  5. Pack along a foldable tote for all the stuff my wife buys on trips! – @hogjerry54
  6. Always take a few extra ziplock bags with you because they’re infinitely useful. – @saravictoriaj
  7. Do not let the fear of the unknown stop you from trying new things! Embrace the culture of the destination and make memories that will last a lifetime! – @visitmadeira
  8. Never ignore the little villages en route of which you know nothing about. They can surprise you! – @pastabites
  9. NYC Tip: Don’t stick to a major schedule- The city has many wonders and my favorite parts were finding the adventures! – @saradivalenzano
  10. Don’t ever be afraid to travel alone. Alone you not only can discover the beauty within yourself, but within the place and the people you meet and travel to. – @sarabialczyk
  11. Live in the moment! While it’s fun to record our adventures with cameras, be sure to live that moment to its fullest so that you capture the memory as well. And the memories that involve as many senses as possible are the best. So take it all in, come out from behind the lens, look around, breathe it in, feel the moment and just be present. – @glycojen
  12. Travel with your best friend! – @aquaplayground
  13. Don’t pack wine in your checked luggage…unless you like wine soaked clothes. – @melissapyl83
  14. Always use the in room safe. – @jennifercampp
  15. Pack a bikini in your carry on just incase your luggage gets lost…at least you can hit the pool/beach. – @tlm1174
  16. As a wandering soul, I have learned that you must be open. Open to adventure, to dead ends, to bad food, to wonderful people, and open to wherever your spirit takes you. –  @saigemarin
  17. If you want to bring drinks like water, Gatorade or even yogurt to the other side of TSA, just freeze it. Liquids are allowed in solid form. – @ngadban
  18. Take face masks with you! Your skin always needs deep pore cleansing from all the sun screen it’s covered with everyday. – @helenchristie
  19. When I travel I pack/wear only items I can donate, my return suitcase is always full of local souvenir scores. – @tatumford
  20. Always be open to adventure! – @thee_funky_head
  21. When traveling to a foreign country be sure to know the language somewhat or just the basics, it will help you not look so much like a tourist. – @richierichs
  22. Pack clothes with lighter fabrics, easy to wash by hand and dry in the air. – @shariamazul
  23. Make sure you let enough time pass between taking selfies to actually enjoy your adventures! Do it for the Insta but live it for yourself. – @caoprysko
  24. Roll your clothes so you can fit more in your suitcase. – @the_hallidays
  25. Try on your potential outfits as you’re packing to make sure you really want to lug it in your suitcase. – @anchoredandadrift
  26. Always bring snacks! – @meredith46
  27. When in the Mediterranean wander around a bit. Get lost down all the alley ways and winding roads. – @mollygraney
  28. Don’t put off traveling because it’s too expensive, too far, or no one will go with you. There are adventures to be had even if you’re on a budget or by yourself. – @wolfamongscrubs
  29. Always try to include family when you travel. – @joshbard
  30. Be grateful for whatever happens in your trip good or bad. – @a.gunzman1207
  31. Always bring an extra layer. You never know when the weather will turn on you. – @ilmerlin
  32. Wear black, white and grey, a leather jacket and a plain scarf to switch up your look anywhere in Europe! – @studiosteveelynn

And here we thought we were the experts! Thanks for all the advice everyone! X

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