The Wicked Look of Witches or Beautiful Fashion?

What would life be like if we would not allow ourselves to be silly sometimes? The great thing about Halloween is that it’s not reserved for the young alone, but also for those of us who are still young at heart. Halloween is just around the corner so we thought that it would be fun to look back at the best looking villainesses of all time. The women we’re about to show you are not exactly lovely, they are actually evil, but their performance has left us with a memorable wicked movie moment. Perhaps this will give some of you ideas for costumes, for others there may be a desire to somehow duplicate the look , obviously with a fashionable twist, for your everyday wardrobe or even evening-wear. We find that inspiration for our specific taste in fashion may come from very unexpected places, and movies that feature wicked Hollywood women is one such place.

The Wicked Witch of the West from the 1939 Hollywood movie The Wizard of Oz was green and wicked. She was also obsessed with Dorothy’s shoes. So right there you already have a trend: the green painted face which continued to dominate the makeup scene whenever a witch was portrayed, as well as those red ruby sparkling slippers– what woman has not owned a pair of red shoes?

dorothy and witchIn Batman Returns, the 1992 installment of the Batman franchise, Catwoman was played by the beautiful and sweet Michele Pfeiffer, but in this instance there was nothing sweet about her whatsoever. She looked purrrfect, beautiful of course, and filled out her black stitched latex bodysuit in a way that turned her into an iconic deadly kitten.

cat woman

Angelina Jolie in Maleficent got a wicked makeover when she was transformed into the goddess of evil. Her eyes were yellow-green, and her abnormally high cheek bones gave her that out-of-this world appearance that was both beautiful and wicked all in one. She had leather-wrapped horns attached to her head and an elegant, yet gothic style for her cloak. She exuded elegance and femininity throughout the movie but also an undeniable dark dangerous vibe.


Cruella De Vil is the primary villain in 101 Dalmatians where this fur-clad evil woman likes to steal dalmatian puppies for their fur. Actress Glenn Close played the part of a couture designer leading in fur fashion. Her roll actually created a lot of controversy among those who abhor the idea of wearing animal fur, but for many others her look was another inspiration and that could easily be duplicated by wearing faux fur.


Charlize Theron in Snow White and the Huntsman’s Evil Queen wore dark and dramatic outfits that channeled the beautiful evil queen look superbly. She wore stunning gowns with ivory satin and gold brocade which suggested regality, but when coupled with the high collar, there is a taste of evil in the mix.

Charlis Theron

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  1. I am obsessed with jolie’s Cheekbones in that film. such an Amazing look! I love the bright lip combined with the dramatic eyes, gorgeous!

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