A nude lip is all the rave right now and we can’t get enough of the look because it’s natural and can easily be incorporated into a beachy look. We tend to gravitate towards neutral colors in our beauty routine because we prefer to keep our makeup looks subtle and fresh.

Whether you are rockin’ the latest shade of nude-brown at a weekend party with smokey eyes or wearing a light pink lip at your favorite beach side cafe in your bikini, you can achieve this natural nude/beachy look in three easy steps.

One: Use a lip liner. Don’t be intimidated on how to use a lip pencil. Practice a few times using these tips: Start with your upper lip’s Cupid’s bow and using a light touch, draw a double arch just slightly above your natural line. Do not make the “bow” pointy, but more rounded. Next, draw a tiny straight line (about a 1/4 inch) at the middle outside lower lip line, again making it slightly larger than your lip. Finally, connect the lines by feathering (using light stokes) to draw lines down from the top lip cupid’s bow and lines up from the bottom lip. Make sure to line the corners of your mouth as well. Blend the lip pencil onto your lip a little so that it looks softer. This will also keep your lipstick in place longer and the line won’t look so obvious when the lipstick comes off when you eat or drink something.

Two: Apply lip color. Sometimes we blend our own color combinations using a couple of our favorite colors for a one-of-a-kind look. Play around with your colors and create your special look. Have fun….it’s only make up and you can wash it off!

Three: Blend and check for balance. Sometimes the line is too dark for the lip color and you need to blend the line into the lip color. Using a lip brush gives a polished look. Also check for balance by tilting your head up and then down while looking in the mirror. Often one side is drawn higher than the other and you can easily adjust it by drawing the lower side slightly larger or use a q-tip to lessen the larger line. Add a clear gloss for an evening look!

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  1. Nice tips for perfect nude lips. I follow your instruction. Thanks for sharing.

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