They’re some of the most attractive girls on the planet. They are indigenous to the beach, with sun kissed skin and saltwater encrusted hair. They are also effortlessly cool, with sporty physiques and tomboy natures. Ugh, we want to be them. Welcome to our list of the world’s hottest surfer girls.

Alana Blanchard

Alana is just mermaid-perfect. Her hair is the purest of blonds, and flows in perfect waves (pun intended) down her back. She’s candy floss cute, but we wouldn’t want to cross her in a surfing meet – at 26 she’s won six championships. She’s modeled for Maxim and Sports Illustrated , as well as designing for Rip Curl Swimwear. A genuine all rounder and a sucker for femininity, Alana is definitely one to keep watching.


Malia Manuel

Malia Manuel is all about passion. So much so, that she has a hand painted inscription of the word on her surfboard. Except its in Hawaiian (“Kaunu”), which is just effortlessy cool and rings back to her Hawaiian heritage. We love.

Catherine Clark

Known as ‘the Billabong surf Goddess’, Cat is just hotness personified. Her long, light brown hair, her honey-colored skin, her cheeky smile. She’s everything we’d imagine a surfer chick to be. On top of that, this girl has a strong artistic flair and bills herself as an artist and singer, too. She grew up wanting to be Barbie but we say that what she is, is far, far better.

Quincy Davis

An East-coast girl with a lot of spunk, Quincy is just a dream. Just 21, she compliments her world-renowned talent with a spark of innocence, her freshness enough to catch anyone’s eye. She grew up with the beach as her back yard, living in Montauk during the summers and Puerto Rico during the winters, and competed against boys because there were no other girls in her division. It’s not surprise she’s as talented as she is…

Ellie-Jean Coffey

An Australian Instagram sensation, she recognises the power of her looks and the magnificence of her career. Worrying that she’s not taken seriously enough, this girl has some significant talent out on the water and is ranked 31 in the world. On top of that, she is a pioneer for women’s rights – huge respect right there. Go get em, girl!

Sage Erickson

Sage was voted the hottest surfer in the world by Playboy, and we can see why. All curves and blonde hair, she doesn’t like to frown – Oakley described her as ‘one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet’. Always a good thing, we say! Her surfing is also doing hugely amazing things, ranking her at a remarkable 11. There’s some serious prowess to her beauty. Wonder woman, perhaps?

Anastasia Ashley

Pro surfer and natural born spokesperson, Anastasia Ashley is a force to be reckoned with. The Southern California and Oahu native started surfing at just 6 years old. She has won over 200 amateur surfing competitions including the NSSA National championships at age 16. Amassing over 1 million followers across her social media, Anastasia has naturally been immersed in mainstream media as a spokesperson and personality!

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