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To my fellow big busted babes out there looking for style tips- I am here to help! After an overwhelming request from my followers, I’m finally going to lay out the do’s an don’ts of dressing when you’ve got a large chest. Trust me, I know full well that shopping for pretty much anything when you’ve been blessed with a bigger bust can be disappointing, frustrating and extremely discouraging.

Those sexy little backless numbers that your perky B-cup friends can rock freely without a bra? Yeah, those kinds of things are just not in the cards for us ladies.

Now that we’ve gotten through the depressing stuff let’s get to the good news. There is 100% hope for us, you just have to learn how to dress for your figure.

Let’s start with the basics….


Bra shopping can be very difficult. I have spent thousands of dollars over the years on bras that I love so much but didn’t fit perfectly and I have literally never worn 90% of them. There are four bras that I wear religiously and buy over and over because they’re supportive, comfortable and shape my breasts nicely.

I have found that Wacoal has the best fitting Bra’s and my favorite thing about them is they cater to girls like myself who have a small frame but a large chest. I wear a size 32 E, which is a very difficult size to find strolling through the racks at your local department store. When I find a brand that offers every style in my size it feels like i’ve won the bra lottery.

Bra brands to try: ThirdLoveWacoal, Natori and Chantelle.

The Strapless:

This strapless bra (comes with removable straps) saved my life. It’s the only strapless I have ever found that I feel completely supported in and that actually gives my breasts the perfect shape. I have four of these exact same bras, two black and two nude. I also highly recommend silicone nipple covers and nipple stickies for those dresses you can’t wear a bra with.

The Everyday Bra:

Again, these bras I own in numerous colors and pretty much live in. They are both supportive, comfortable and very cute with the touch of lace detailing. My perfect everyday bra.


I know that so many of our followers can relate to me on this so I wanted to share some styles that work for me and long awaited tips that I have discovered through my own personal struggle with this problem and from literally wearing thousands of different bikinis. When I say “work for me”, I mean bikinis that offer full support and are comfortable while still remaining stylish and sexy!

My tips for bikini shopping:

  1. Avoid thin neck ties, it doesn’t matter how cute the bikini is it’s not worth having your neck severed at all day.
  2. Go for tops that are adjustable on the back and neck so it won’t be fitting better in one place than others.
  3. It’s hard to find a good bandeau style top, but if you do go for one make sure it has supportive and removable straps.
  4. Always look for an underwire or under band support in tops, this is the ideal scenario for us and most brands offer styles that do include it.
  5. A chic One Piece is always a great option so you can be free to move around on the beach and not have to worry about falling out of your swimsuit.
  6. Buy a separate size Top and Bottom, our bodies are not made to fit one size for both pieces, and it doesn’t (/shouldn’t) cost anything extra to shop separates.
  7. Make sure it fits right before you buy it and hit the beach! It’s worth the wait to find the perfect fit, nothing is more uncomfortable than a bikini that doesn’t fit!


The line that Natasha and I created, Monday Swimwear, is designed to cater to girls of all shapes and sizes, including big busts!


  1. Avoid baby doll style tops and dresses, these can make you look bigger than you are by distorting your natural shape and gorgeous womanly figure.
  2. Body suits are your friend. I love body suits because they hold you in and are tightly fitted for extra support. AND a lot of them are so fitted you sometimes don’t even need to wear a bra!
  3. Focus on accentuating your best assets (besides your chest). Now there is nothing wrong with showcasing your chest if done correctly, but I personally love wearing pieces that show off my waist, arms, shoulders or legs. This not only takes the attention away from the chest but also shows that I can dress fashionably and chic.
  4. Don’t feel bad if you have to go up a size or two to find the right top or dress to fit your chest. You can always get the body altered, trust me, it’s worth it to not be spilling out. Which leads me to my next point….
  5. Find a good and reliable alteration place. If you have a unique figure this is necessary. Tailors literally make things fit you like a glove. I once bought a dress in a size 8 so it would fit my chest and my magic tailor made it fit me as a size 4.
  6. Don’t be afraid to dress a little androgynous. I love wearing a slouchy pair of slacks and a blazer paired with my favorite pumps. This look is so stylish and effortless and fantastic for girls with a bigger bust.

Good luck and don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions!



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  1. Melissa Reply

    Devin! Thanks for the post. As a big bust girl myself, ive always Felt embarrassed to wear low cut or strapless tops! I still cAnt figure out how to weAr cute backless shirts That require no bra. Havent found the trick yet 🙁 any suggestions?

    Also, i started to tie my halter bikiniS into spaghetti strap…it Relieves neck And Looks super Trendy too haha. Give it a try!! Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Mia Reply

    Devin, You have been an absolute inspiration to my life. My name is mia and i am if not your biggest fan. You have been such an inspiration to me and even motivated me to lose weight and be proud of being busty. When i look at a role model i look at you. You look so down to earth and caring and present such beauty. I show your insta pics to my mom like every week telling her that i have the same body type as you and i want to work to have as toned a figure. you also inspire me to be successful and always stay true to your friends. my dream one day is to meet you as you’re if not my biggest idol. Keep doing you girl and It would mean the world to me if you responded! ❤

  3. Jess Reply

    Hey devin, what size Do you wear in your own monday swimwear brand because the website only States it goes up to a DD? Do you think you will do bigger sizes soon?

  4. rachel Reply

    hi Devin thanks for posting! i was wondering if you ever use breast tape and/or breast lifting tape? any good brands you know of or tips? thanks!

  5. Andréa Reply

    Devin I COULDN’T thank you enough for this post and everything! I’m a 32DDD/34DD and I’ve allwayss struggled and was EMBARRASSED with my chest and never wore strapless. If I’m confident with my figure now and the way I carry myself it’s all thanks to you!! (for like a year now) seeing the way you dress and carry YOURSELF has changed my entire being and i even wear my bikinis wih more confidence (im a beach and swim addict myself). soo thank you for you and the bras that i’ll def buy! Also will def be getting from monday swimwear after seeing them on you:))

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