For fair complexions try to avoid colors that are too light or have a yellow undertone, they can wash you out. For an everyday look try a subtle raspberry tone and if you’re feeling daring a bright red contrasts beautifully and pops on fair skin.

A medium complexion is generally pretty neutral so you can’t go wrong with a lot of lipsticks. We suggest staying natural with colors like peach and nude to enhance your look rather than something like a purple or dark tone that can often times go wrong.

Like the medium complexion, olive skin is generally neutral so sticking to natural tones is best! Try a light nude for a sexy night time look with a dark smokey eye!

Lipstick colors for a dark complexion are pretty limitless. From plum and berry tones to bright oranges and dark reds, you can play around with your personal style and find something that compliments your style.

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