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One reason that we enjoy vacationing in other countries is the chance to immerse ourselves in a different culture. And while visiting Thailand we came across impressive cities, interesting architecture, colorful fashion, tasty food, more patience and a low-stress environment, as well as some of the most beautiful women we’ve seen. Little or no stress will shed years off your age, it’s a given, and also the reason why the Thais absolutely love their massages. However, a stress-free lifestyle is something that is so hard to achieve in our Western culture, where everything’s about speed and immediacy—enough to turn your hair gray overnight at times. As such, it’s hard not to notice the calmer temperament as well as the beauty of Thai women. Their silky, smooth raven-colored hair and ageless complexion is what probed us to take a closer look at their age-defying regimens and pass them along to you.

Generally speaking, the diet in Thailand is mostly healthy. There are a lot of vegetable dishes and less red meat incorporated into their daily diets. Also, they tend to cook with lots of herbs and spices, which have interesting health and beauty properties. Turmeric for instance is a great cleanser for the body and when consuming it regularly its effects can be seen in their glowing skin. They love to drink tea, green tea in particular, and this as you may very well know has plenty of antioxidant properties.

IMG_3413We were quick to learn that the Thai people drink a lot of coconut water and then utilize the oil for their general beauty regimen, using it for both skin and hair. Coconut beauty products are plentiful in Thailand and they can be found sold as specialty eye creams, face creams, body butter or leave-in conditioners and more. See our article all about using coconut oil in your beauty regimen.

Another Thai obsession that noticed everywhere is the Sappe Beauti Drink. This company makes a number of collagen beauty drinks, which are infused with a formula that enhances one’s collagen. As the old adage goes: “In Rome act as a Roman,” so we have made sure to stock up on those drinks.

We also discovered their flower and herb bath soaps that fit perfectly into their culture of de-stressing and keeping calm. Those include tamarind and lemongrass among other fragrant oils with skin-curing properties that the Thais have in fact been using for centuries

Tamarind is known for its antioxidant properties; it is rich with vitamins and minerals and is used to remove dead skin. It is used as a scrub where Alpha-hydroxyl acids reduces blemishes and leave you with a flawless complexion. It can be found as a facial cleanser and it is also mixed with honey in order to produce a most effective face and body scrub.

IMG_3425Lemongrass is used in Thai food regularly, but what we in the West are unaware of, is that they have incorporated it into their beauty routine as well. Apparently lemongrass is used in facial steams, and once absorbed by the skin and your pores open, dirt and excess oil is removed and you are left with lovely skin.

Papaya is another favorite beauty treatment, because it is high is papain enzyme, which after applied to the skin immediately leaves you with a luminous skin. Eating it has plenty of health benefits of course and it doesn’t hurt that it is exceptionally tasty.
Go ahead and try these ideas, see how you feel and look after a few weeks of changing your eating habits or beauty routines. Most importantly, breathe in, breathe out; learn to relax while you realize that you can still do it all, but feel a lot healthier and happier along the way. Thailand has been a wonderful experience for us and we hope that with our few tips we can make your lives healthier and happier!IMG_3431

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