Tan Lines: Should We Care?


Some of the most beautiful swimsuits have gorgeous cutouts or straps that many of us worry will leave us looking like a geometric puzzle piece. But the question is, should we avoid these swimsuits due to the potentially awkward tan lines?

Cutout swimsuits were a popular trend during the 1960s as designers experimented with ways to show off the female body. However the rising popularity of the bikini ultimately overshadowed the cutout styles for the rest of the 20th century. Cutout swimsuits returned to the forefront of fashion during 2012, and have since remained in the spotlight as a recurring trend in swimwear seasons since.

Cutout styles are fashion forward, modern, and also perfect for women who want the added coverage of a one piece while still having the peek-a-boo effect of a bikini. Cutout swimsuits are certainly here to stay so we suggest to get over the fear of tan lines! Swimwear is a fashion statement just like any other item of clothing. Life is too short to be so self conscious, and we encourage all bikini lovers to express themselves fearlessly!


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