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Recently, I was fortunate enough to be the face of a photo shoot for Carolina Herrera’s new swimsuit collection called the Archive lll Collection. It was an honor to represent a brand new collection for a designer whom I’ve admired for years; a woman who’s image has become synonymous with good taste and style. There’s a reason she’s been at the helm of the bestdressed list for decades at a time.

Carolina Herrera is a Venezuelan-born courtier, who is known for creating the most classic feminine designs with an eye for what women actually want to wear. For this reason I was especially excited to see what kind of designs were part of her debut swimwear collection; I appreciate the elegance and chic tone that her creations have always embodied and how excited I felt that I got the chance to experience her brilliance first-hand.

Mrs Herrera started out her career as a publicist for the fashion house of Emilio Pucci in Caracas, Venezuela, in the mid-60s and debuted her very own collection in 1981 when she had turned 40. When her first collection came out, featuring paddle shoulders and puffy sleeves made form the most superb fabrics and costly trimmings, although it instantly became a favorite among the New York socialites, there were those in the fashion world who said that she would not last more than one season, before vanishing into the annals of fashion has-beens. Well, she proven everyone wrong.

The new bathing suits are an extension of her keen eye for color, design and fabric and embody her timeless penchant for elegance. The collection includes one and two-piece suits, conservatively cut with beautiful coordinating sarongs, shorts, as well as sundresses.

We were interested in learning a bit more about Carolina Herrera and her new collection of bathing suits, so we presented her with ten questions that will be sure to quench your thirst for knowing interesting details about a woman with exceptional personal style as well as a talent for making the rest of us feel comfortable and look beautiful in all that we wear.

This is your debut swimwear collection, why have you decided to expand into swim and why now?

I’m always thinking about bringing glamorous fashion and style to every aspect of a woman’s life. The beach or pool should be just another moment to be chic!

When you are in the process of designing a new collection, is there a specific image of a man or woman that you have in mind?

I don’t work with a muse in mind. I love the idea of the modern woman of today and how she styles herself; where she is going and what inspires her.

The Carolina Herrera woman is active, glamorous, chic and independent. Most importantly, she is not afraid to be elegant and feminine.

What’s been the inspiration for your new swimsuit collection?

Prints are a part of every collection I design – each with an amusing story of their own. After dressing for cold weather, who doesn’t want to have a little fun with beach fashion when the weather gets warm!

Venezuela has beautiful beaches; which one is your personal favorite?

Venezuela does have beautiful beaches! One of the most beautiful places is the island of Los Roques. The air feels fresh and the water and sky are a crisp clean blue. It really is a magical place.

You’re all about femininity and chic how do you achieve this with a bathing suit?

The beach is meant to be enjoyed and you must find a silhouette that fits properly then you can have fun with the color and print!

Many women don’t like to show their body at the beach or pool, did that influence your thinking process when you started to design your swimsuit collection?

The collection has a wide variety of styles ranging from plunging necklines, high-wasted bikinis paired with bandeau tops and classic scoop neck one-pieces so there really is a bathing suit cut for every woman’s body.

What would Carolina Herrera pack for a day at the beach?

A fun beach towel, the perfect beach book, a chic hat and of course, a fabulous pair of sunglasses. All of this would fit perfectly in my printed archive bag – the tango print being my favorite.Mrs Herrera Bikinipage 15(A young Mrs Herrera looking chic and elegant in swimwear)

After so many years in the business, there is still a sense of calm about you, you look healthy and beautiful. What does your health and beauty regimen consist of, if you don’t mind sharing a few secrets with us?

Walking is the best exercise! I have always loved to walk and I try to walk everyday for an hour, either around the Central Park reservoir or my neighborhood.

What is an elegant woman in your eyes?

Elegance is simplicity. Elegance isn’t solely defined by what you wear, it’s how you carry yourself, how you speak, what you read and what you choose. . It’s a personal thing reflected in the way live, arrange you house, your taste in books and art, and the personal touch you give in anything you touch.

Do you have tips on how to develop a great sense of style; is it something that can be learned at all?

Style is something very personal and you have to remember that. I think for a woman or a man it’s very important to have your own style. Sometimes when you follow trends, you lose originality and your individuality.

Carolina Herrara Carolina Herrara Carolina Herrara Carolina Herrara
Carolina Herrara Carolina Herrara Carolina Herrara Carolina Herrara Carolina HerraraSHOP ARCHIVE  III COLLECTION

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