Sunglasses For Your Face Shape- Tash Oakley X Sunglass Hut

natasha oakley sunglass hutIn celebration of Natasha being the face of Sunglass Hut Australia’s “94 Shades of Summer” campaign, we are selecting our favorite styles from in store and giving you some insight on the, oh so difficult, process of finding sunglasses to suit your face!

Picking out the perfect pair of sunglasses can be tricky, but knowing the shape of your face is the first necessary step in selecting frames, in the same way that you choose bikinis or any other clothing items according to your body shape. One person may look great in high waisted jeans,while mid-rise jeans may suit another better. While still wanting to shop for specific trends, you must be mindful of choosing a design that best suits your features. Sometimes when we shop for sunglasses it’s fun to try on just about every pair available until we find the one we like most, for others this becomes a frustrating experience because they may think that nothing really suits them well. However, this is completely untrue, there will always be a frame that suits your face shape. Here is a basic guide to direct you towards the right frame the best suits your specific facial structure:sunglass face shapes

Heart: Broad forehead with narrower jawline and chin with high cheekbones.

Styles: Aviators, Butterfly, Cat-Eye, Wayfarer Style

Square: Broad forehead,strong horizontal jawline, square chin.

Styles: Cat-eye, round, shield, oval.

Oval: High cheekbones, gently curving jawline.

Styes: Oversized, angular, round– most styles work well with oval shaped faces as they tend to have well balanced proportions, so feel free to experiment with different styles!

Round: Full cheeks, wide forehead, rounded chin.

Styles: Angular, Cat-eye, horizontal, oversized, square, wayfarer style.


View Natasha’s 94 Shades of Summer – “Summer Moments” campaign video for some sunglass inspiration

Natasha Oakley x Sunglass Hut #94SHADESOFSUMMER from Sunglass Hut on Vimeo.


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