staniel cay sharksOur newest A BIKINI A DAY DESTINATION is truly our favorite so far. It’s hard to beat all of the amazing locations we have travelled to but Staniel Cay Island, located in the Bahamas, did it hands down!

Even with living so close we have never taken an interest in the Bahamas, but our recent curiosity for a small island with swimming pigs, friendly sharks and crystal clear waters led us to the journey of a lifetime.

Staniel Cay is a “MUST GO” location: overcoming our fear of sharks to swim with them in the open ocean, diving into beautiful underwater caves and watching pigs and stingrays swim out to greet us on our boat were just a few of the life changing experiences we had. If our photos on Instagram didn’t already convince you to go, we are not sure what will ; ) Here is our guide to our latest A Bikini A Day destination: Staniel Cay Island.

Getting there:

Staniel Cay is a small island within the hundreds of islands that make up the Bahamas, it is fairly remote which makes traveling there slightly more expensive/difficult then the better known islands such as Nassau but this is perhaps what makes it so special. The best option is to travel from Fort Lauderdale private airport via Watermakers Air, this flight will be about 1 and a half hours in a small plane with big views. Once on the island all you will need to get around is a golf cart, thats right, it’s that small! Driving from one side to the other takes about 5 mins!

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We suggest the very best accommodation on the island, Staniel Rents Villas, life doesn’t get any better than a stunning house on a turquoise water beach! The team will take care of you very well and you will have everything your heart desires. We suggest renting in a group as these beautiful homes fit up to 12 people.

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Travel tips:

Do not pack expensive/fancy things, embrace the island lifestyle, there isn’t really anyone around to impress.

Travel as a group, it’s so much fun and keeps costs down. The more the merrier!

There is only one small store with supplies on the island, Staniel Rents will provide most of what you need for amenities, but bring anything extra you know you will need.

Bring a disposable underwater camera or life proof case for your phone as you will be doing a lot of water activities that are worth taking photos of.

We stayed for one week and this was perfect for us, 10 days would be ideal as well.


What to pack:

Bikinis, cover ups, flip flops, a hat (very important) and casual dinner wear. The island is very casual, pack light as you will probably wear the same thing most days anyway.

Let go and be daring, feeding sharks and diving can be scary, but it is so much fun when you finally do it.

Stay protected from the sun with sunscreen, a hat and shade, being in the sun all day can be harmful and you will get sunburned.



Staniel Rents can supply boats, jet skies and a tour guide to do all of the activities as you will need to travel to near by islands and locations. We suggest you do all of them, each one is more amazing than the last.

Underwater Cave diving

Iguana Island feeding

Pig Island feeding

Nurse shark feeding

Reef shark feeding/ open ocean swim

Visit a sand bar

Wake boarding

Jet skiing

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Bars / nightlife:

(Crickets) Staniel Cay is quiet, I personally prefer this but for those who like to have some sort of social setting or a place to grab a drink there is a local bar at the yacht club which has an amazing Pina Colada and can get reasonably busy during high season!

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The Bahamas are warm all year round, summer is the warmest and busiest season, but fall (Sep./Oct.) are great because there are less people so you have all of the activities free to yourself. The weather is tropical so there will be regular showers that pass through, don’t be afraid to get your hair wet!

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We hope our guide helps you to plan an amazing trip to the Bahamas, please feel free to ask us any further questions on our LET’S TALK page and also to share your A BIKINI A DAY destination adventures with us, we would love to hear about them!


Photo credits to: Gremly Media, Elana Kalis Photography.

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  1. We are here in staniel cay at the moment, having a blast. Went swimming with the pigs yesterday! love your blog ladies.

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