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juicy secretWhen it comes to diet, we have to be 100% honest and tell you that we are not entirely strict. We do eat out quite often and indulge when we feel like it. We do not believe in depriving ourselves and we feel that everything is OK in moderation! But this is not to say that we sit around and eat junk food all day either. Also, the only alcohol we consume is a glass of red wine with dinner.

However, one healthy habit we are passionate about is juicing. We try to incorporate a fresh juice or smoothie into our diet every single day. In fact, most days we start the morning with a cayenne, lemon, ginger shot from our absolute favorite juicery, Juice Crafters. The owner, Ilan Mit, is our go-to guy for all of our health and juicing questions, so we spoke to him to get some insight into the benefits of juicing.

Why did you decide to start a juicing business?
My family is very health conscious. We come from a farming background, so I was always involved with fruits, vegetables and fresh herbs. When I moved to LA, I found that no one was selling anything natural and there was very little to choose from when it comes to quality juice and smoothies. When we opened the first Juice Crafters, there were only one or two other juice bars in all of LA.

What makes Juice Crafters unique?
Juice Crafters is a REAL juice bar. There is nothing artificial, everything is fresh and delivered on a daily basis. We go to the farmer’s market ourselves to make sure that what we bring to the store is the best. It’s a family business, every single family member is responsible for one aspect of the business, and everyone really cares. That’s what differentiates us from the rest.

What are the health benefits of juicing?
There are so many different benefits. Juicing is feeding your body with nutrients, enzymes and vitamins that allow your body to process food better. Your system works in a more efficient way. When your system is operating in such optimal conditions then your body just operates better overall. Increased energy is a huge benefit as well. I’ve met people that have been juicing for many years since childhood, they are in their 60s and they look like they are in their 30s! It has an anti-aging effect. Another major benefit is that is is an immunity booster. This is my fifth year that I haven’t been sick, not even for one day. Juicing is one of the best ways to stay healthy.

How often should people try to incorporate juices into their diet?
2-3 juices every day and you’re golden. That’s keeping your body at the maximum level. Some fruit juices are not as good to have so often because it’s a lot of sugar, although it’s natural, too much can have opposite effect, but you can never have enough green juice. One juice per day is also really good; it’s like a daily supplement.

What is the one superfood you believe should be included in everyone’s daily diet?
Turmeric and ginger both have a lot of nutrients and they should definitely be added to everything you can.

Your favorite juice?
My favorite juice is all green: apples, kale, spinach, parsley, celery, ginger, lemon, and I like to add a bit of cayenne pepper to mine.

What is a recipe for those at home that cannot visit a Juice Crafters store?
Green Juice:
Handful spinach
2 sticks celery
2 thumbs of ginger
Handful of parsley
1/2 cucumber
1/2 an apple
Sometimes I add mint to give it a little refreshing flavor!

Natasha’s usual order at Juice Crafters is the Flax Power smoothie which consists of amazonian acai with guarana, flax seeds, coconut h2o, banana, maca, vanilla protein and cinnamon. Devin loves a fresh juice which includes watermelon, pineapple and orange juice over ice. 

If you are in the Los Angeles area, visit one of the 5 Juice Crafters locations to experience the best quality juices and smoothies in town. If you show this article on your phone you will also receive 5% off!

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