Our Guide to Buying Well

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Our Guide to ‘buying well’

We hear the words ‘ethical’, ‘organic’ and ‘sustainable’ at an ever growing frequency. They dot the articles of magazines, decorate the labels of food, and are beginning to seep into the overly tough world of fashion. Yet whilst they are definitely the words du jour, they have true value in what they represent: a respect of Mother Nature.

The root of everything we know – from the air we breathe to the views we gaze at whilst we explore the countryside, or laze on our beach chairs – Mother Nature needs to be admired. And protected. Too often we buy, use and promote things which have a blatant disregard for the world around us; too often we just don’t care.

But at A Bikini A Day, we are making a definite effort to read more into the way we do things and be careful to protect our surroundings. Our livelihood is based on bringing you the most beautiful parts of the world, teasing you with the best food around, giving you access to the most exquisite clothes available. From the soil we were raised on, to the oceans we swim in today, the environment has enriched our lives in every way possible. Supporting brands and products that adhere to these values is therefore paramount, and we want to give back to the environment in anyway we can.

The development of our brand and growing partnerships have allowed us to really explore what needs to be done, and just how easy it is to do it. After all, what is the point of ‘buying well’ for us, but not ‘buying well’ for our world?

The food we eat, the products we use and the clothing we wear all play a role in how we effect what’s going on in the world. By doing this, we can make a difference. We all can. And it only takes some basic awareness and simple steps to do so.

The ethical value of products is sometimes not as obvious. We buy and use countless objects a day, from makeup to clothes. But we guarantee that most of us don’t actually know the ingredients or processes involved in creating the things we love most. Where was it made? How was it made? What’s in it?

Like food, skincare and clothes can be organic, too. Whilst this helps protect the environment for the same reasons as just listed, organic products are definitely the best for our skin and hair. And we know of a cheeky little secret: a one stop shop for being friendly to ourselves – and the environment.

The Body Shop is a socially conscious brand whose heart and soul is to “Enrich not Exploit.” We love this almost as much as we love their products! They value the good, and respect what needs to be respected. If only other brands were as concerned about our atmosphere, the world’s future would probably look very different.

The Body Shop does this in so many ways. One which really sings to us, is its sourcing of Community Trade Marula Oil. The brand works with the Eudofano Women’s Co-operative in Ondangwa, Northern Namibia, to make sure it gets the oil in the most respectful way possible. It appreciates that the marula tree is held to be sacred to the people of Ovamboland, and that Namibian women have traditionally used marula oil for generations to smooth and moisturise their skin. So it has built upon both premises to create a dynamic which benefits both. By building on tradition, it has allowed the 1750 Namibian women of the Eudofano Co-operative to build a business and a future on the ancient wisdom of marula. The oil they produce is cold-pressed to ensure its highest quality is preserved, which in turn enriches the hydrating and smoothing properties of the products. Creating a beautiful result whilst supporting women, health and the environment! What more could we want in a product?!

It is also extremely important to us that products we use are NOT tested on animals so we were relieved to discover that none of The Body Shop products are. Our love for the brand probably couldn’t grow any stronger. If you haven’t already, you should try our favorite body butter of all time: The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter. I We’ve been using it for years. It’s rich and creamy, and is fantastic to hydrate, soften and condition the skin!

Another favorite of ours is The Body Shop Coconut Beautifying Oil, which we were instantly obsessed with because of our love for coconuts! Made with Community Trade virgin organic coconut oil from the island of Samoa, where the coconuts are hand-gathered and hand-cracked, and then the flesh is grated and cold-pressed to release the fragrant oil. Seriously, how seductive does that sound! It can take over 10 coconuts to make just one kilo of oil – now that’s love in a bottle!

Food is probably one of the easiest ways to help the environment and be socially conscious. Organic food has been ‘fashionable’ for years, but it really is important to understand its true benefits:
Organic produce contains fewer pesticides and is GMO-free, so is safer for us and the countryside it is grown in. And when it comes to meat, organically raised animals are kept well away from antibiotics, growth hormones and animal byproducts. No poisons for the world, or for us!
As a result, organic food is often fresher, so the taste is that much greater. And the meat and milk are richer in certain nutrients, which means that they are far better for us, too.
So organic food? Great for us, our environment, and our all-important taste-buds.


There is a new trend going around that we are 100% in love with: socially conscious clothing. Brands are now latching on to values that The Body Shop has pioneered for years, and use certain protective practices to produce their clothing. Fair labor laws, fair trade, locally made garments, utilizing factories with ethical integrity, and using recycled materials to produce clothing: why has this not been done before?

We urge our readers to become more socially conscious and engage in and support brands that are helping to make a difference in the world. You may not think that you on your own are making a huge impact, but every little counts. The next time you’re at the mall and are shopping for your favorite, go-to items, remember that the natural body butter you buy, or the cute top you die for are made from all recycled materials and with integrity.

It feels so, so good to purchase something knowing your making a difference in the world. Try it. You’ll see.

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