My Valentine’s Heartthrob

February 14th is one of the most popular dates, when you can expect a number of things to happen to you:  get a marriage proposal, get married, or get asked out on a date. But if none of these things take place, then you can be sure to get a card, chocolates or flowers from someone who loves you. And why shouldn’t this be the case when it has widely been accepted as the day of romance and love?

The origins of Valentine’s Day go way back to Ancient Rome and their pagan custom of animal sacrifice and flogging of virgins in order to encourage their fertility. Not something we’d like to really remember today, and thankfully, there is a poetic story that we can directly attach to this very romantic day instead. Father Valentine was a defiant Roman priest who went out of his way to marry young lovers, even though Emperor Claudius forbad marriages at that time when he needed his soldiers to concentrate on war rather than love. When the emperor found out about the Father’s defiance, he was arrested and sent to death. While awaiting his execution he met and fell in love with his jailer’s daughter, and on his execution date on February 14th, he passed her a note that was singed: “From Your Valentine.” This was a tragic and heartbreaking end to a man who did nothing more than encourage love, and so all these centuries later we still remember that father Valentine sacrificed his life for love, and it’s the one day that we go out of our way to exhibit our love in a big , grand way.

Since we’re all about celebrating love at ABAD, we thought that it would be fun to take a look at heartthrobs throughout the years. It’s a given that we’ve all fallen prey to one or two of them during our lives—a gal cannot be blamed for dreaming, right? We’ve had a poster or two hanging on the wall directly above our bedframe. We’ve hanged at least one poster in our locker at school, and every time we’d open that locker it was a reminder that our prince was waiting for us somewhere outside the school walls. Yep, the memories are slowly coming back; a little smile spreads across your face as you look back and think who you thought of as your very own knight in shining armor. Some of these images are of men that used to make your grandmother blush.

While beauty and sex appeal are in the eyes of the beholder, one cannot escape the notion that these gentlemen were so many women’s idea of the perfect guy. It’s the reason so many theater tickets would sell, autobiographies would fill up the shelves at a bookstore and that women would scream and faint at concerts. Of course there are the female counterparts of these wonderful men, but we will leave that to another Valentine’s Day, as we fully concentrate on these heartthrobs for a change. There were many many more to choose from but we did our best to concentrate on the very favorites throughout history.

















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