I recently collaborated with one of my favorite Australian designers, Camilla, on a very special project which I knew I had to share with you all.

I invited Camilla and her team, and the amazing photographer Steven Chee, to join my family and I on our intimate weekend getaway in Palm Beach, Sydney. We captured some gorgeous images of the women of my “Tribe”, as Camilla would call it, which I will always treasure.

My “tribe” is special because we are all girls! I have two sisters, Samantha and Sophia, two nieces, Isabella and Elizabeth, and I grew up living with my Mother, Lynette and Grandmother, Joan. I have had a lot of “girl time” in my life, which I am so pleased about. I’ll tell you why.

Whilst, like every family, I have seen the ever evolving and sometimes difficult sides to my family, what I am most grateful for is that I have seen the best of them all!

The very first woman that inspired me in my life was my mother. Everything about her was so elegant and she was always so well put together, despite having two daughters to raise and a business to run. I have looked up to her for her drive and ambition for as along as I can remember. Mum did it all, and she did it all so well! Thanks to her, the “glass ceiling” never existed – I could be whatever I wanted to be as long as I worked hard for it and believed in myself. Mum inspired my business sense, my strength to handle whatever life throws at me, and of course my fashion sense.

My grandmother, who has now passed away, was my best friend and was also incredibly inspirational. Nan was one of 12 children, her mother passed away when she was 11 and despite not having an easy life, she was the most kind hearted, comforting person I have ever met. I spent a lot of my Friday and Saturday night’s just hanging out home with her. Not only was she kind and caring, but she had a hilarious comical side to her that could lighten up even the dullest day. Nan inspired me to be understanding, forgiving and most of all to not take life too seriously.

As they have grown, my two sisters have become surprisingly even more inspiring to me. My younger sister Sophia is only 13, but her free spirit and creativity is always inspiring. Whenever we spend time together it is so carefree and innocent, which is always refreshing. Sophia inspires me to keep dreaming and imagining, no matter how busy I get or where I am in the world.

My older sister, Samantha, who is now a mother of two, is extremely resilient and sometimes stubborn. Yet she has become the most caring woman I know. She has been through so much that I certainly couldn’t have coped with, and come out smiling in a way that awes me. She is so confident and true to herself. Nothing, and no one, can change who she is. Moreover, she is also extremely loyal and caring towards her friends and family. Samantha inspires me to remember my sense of family when I am away from home, and to be comfortable in my own skin.

My point is that my whole is as a sum of all the women in my life.

I have chosen to imitate my favorite things about them and the most inspirational things I see in them. No woman is perfect. Everyone has their faults and flaws, but I have learnt how important it is to see the best in others.

I travel the world to find inspiration and find it in so many ways, but I think the people closet to you, the people that you admire, are always your biggest influencers. Despite the fact that I travel the world for most of my life, I always look forward to coming home to my tribe.

I am so happy to share with you, as my followers, these intimate details and photos in the hopes that you will be inspired to embrace the women of your life, or, to love them even more than you already do!

Natasha X

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  1. Jeni b Reply

    Beautiful, wise wOrds from a youNg Lady. How WONDERFUL you REALISE the vaLue of family while you have them around yOu To adore … Gorgeous images you will treasure.

  2. Sofia Reply

    loveeeeee it natasha! What are you nieces’ names?

  3. Tony Reply

    I love all the camilla colections

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