The Worlds Most Remote Getaways

The World’s Most Remote Getaways

Sometimes you just want to get away. And we mean really get away. Not the type of vacation where you leave your hotel room and bump into dozens of couples or groups of friends – no matter how chic or reserved they may be. Nor the type of trip where you leave your villa and stumble across boatloads of tourists, jostling to see even the smallest bit of culture. No. We mean the type of holiday where you really disappear. Into the deepest, darkest depths of nothingness, where there is no one to be seen – no people, no buildings. Nothing.

Welcome to our pick of the best middle-of-nowhere resorts.

The Amangiri, USA

Undoubtedly one of our favorite hotels of all time, the Amangiri really is remote. Think endless vistas of red rock, uninterrupted by even a tree. Think Mars. That is the Amangiri, cut seamlessly into the rock around it, so that the hotels main pool is, pretty much, the only thing to be seen for miles. Walls are replaced by huge, glass windows so that even when inside, you are part of this bizarre, empty landscape. It really is a treat to stay here. Being an Aman resort, the service really is next to none. When staying here you don’t just feel away from it all. You feel out of this world.
Moraine Lake Lodge, Canada

If nature is your thing, get yourself to the Moraine Lake Lodge ASAP. Think a beautiful lake surrounded by the deepest, darkest of forestry, topped off by an Evian-like mountain landscape, hugging you tightly into this escape away from it all. There a no TV’s, and no phones, so you can definitely play the ‘unreachable’ card. Though don’t worry – wifi is available throughout the resort, so you wont be too out of touch if you don’t want to be. But we’re pretty sure you will, with such beautiful landscapes to gaze at and so much to do. There are even rowing boats to take out, so you can silently meander further into the nothingness surrounding you.
Qasr al Sarab Desert Resort, UAE

1000 years ago. Endless rolling hills of sand. Aladdin. The Qasr al Sarab will not only take you away from civilisation, it will take you away from this world. Spend your time riding camels over the continuous dunes, or soaking away in a pool watching the desert animals roam by. Being in the UAE, you can expect the height of luxury, with your every wish catered for. Literally. It is one of the largest uninterrupted sand deserts in the world, so remote that it was even used as a backdrop in Star Wars. It really will take a lot to disturb you here.
Green Magic Nature Resort, Kerala

Not one for those scared of heights, this hotel will literally leave you hanging. Checking in here, in the middle of the jungle, will see you sleeping in a tree house 86ft from the ground. Every child’s dream, every escapist adult’s heaven. There are four tree houses – all connected by wire bridges – and amazingly all feature running water. You will become Mowgli, hidden away from the real world and all that goes with it: you’ll even eat with your hands, out of banana leaves. A serious escape here!
Hotel Arctic, Greenland

If you want to get away from everyone but Pingu, head to Hotel Arctic. Situated in Western Greenland, you will stay in little pods looking out onto… water and ice. That’s it. Spend your days watching icebergs float by or spy on fellow guests – which, in the past, have included Albert II, Prince of Monaco and Bjork. Royalty on ice. We like.
Ratua Island, Vanuatu

Ratua Island lies 1,000 miles to the east of Australia, so it really is in the middle of no where. This 60 acre island is so beautiful and empty, with just 14 villas – all of which are remarkably over 200 years old, and were transported from Indonesia. Look out onto the clear blue seas, take a deep breath and relax. There is literally nothing to disturb you here, and you never have to get out of your four poster bed. Heaven.

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