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We all know them. We all love them. A mother is the ultimate woman. She has created the most precious thing in existence: life. She is the woman who does it all; she knows how to care – for herself and her child; she knows how to achieve; she knows how to conquer the world.

The mother is all power. Here are our top 7, women who look so damn good in a bikini, but who are doing more than their fare share for their families and the world around them. If only we could do so much and keep in such shape! The. Dream.


Beyonce really is one of our favorites. A powerhouse, if ever there was one. She’s one half of the world’s highest paid celebrity couples, and has just been named one of the most powerful women in business. She has a clothing line, is a powerful investor, an activist and the perfect mother – little Blue Ivy is forever glued to her hand.
Destiny’s Child were right when they told us we weren’t ready for her jelly… Beyonce is the definition of Bootylicious.


Heard you in the mood for a little MILFshake.

Yes, we did. And we can’t talk about MILF’s without referencing the woman who has made being a mother so ‘in’ right now: Fergie. She has just released what is probably our favorite music video of the year so far, one which glorifies motherhood from all angles. Whether breastfeeding or showering, the MILF is hot. It helps that she featured women like Alessandra Ambrosio and Ciara. Like, the dream. Fergie isn’t so bad herself. Mother to the beautiful three year old, Axl, she herself is a MILF like no other. Just LOOK at her in the video. Or any other time, really. Miss Black Eyed Peas is all grown up and killing it.


Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian. Ah, the most powerful woman in the world. Whether you like it or not, those curves have more selling power than pretty much anything in existence. She broke the internet, for goodness sake. And despite being mother to two of the most adorable little tots around – North and Saint – she continues to use that ass of hers, securing her children as international royalty before they’re even old enough to go to school. Kim is more than her body though, she has some serious brains. It is her business mind, more than anything, which has made her the powerhouse that she is. Believe us, this MILF is here to stay.


Chrissy Teigan

Chrissy is a model, so OF COURSE she would graduate into MILF territory after the birth of little Luna (we LOVE that name!). Despite giving birth barely five months ago, her body is already back to being one that all guys adore, and all women want to own. Having released a New York Times bestselling cookbook back in February, we are all well aware of her prowess in the kitchen, one which just bumps up those mom-points. What else she does remains to be seen, but in the five months since she became a mom, Chrissy has continued to show us why we all love her so much. In fact, she’s made us love her just that little bit more.

Blake Lively

Little Miss Perfect. That’s what we call Ms. Lively. But we don’t hate her for it. Really. With her own empire dedicated to sustainability, she is this generation’s Gwenyth Paltrow in the making. Except her fashion sense definitely surpasses her more mature counterpart, and she is one of the most admired dressers in Hollywood. Despite calling her daughter James (which we’re still not sure about), she’s doing everything right. She’s got the husband, and the career which just keeps on growing – in fact, she stripped down into her bikini for her latest movie, The Shallows, just 10 months after giving birth. Just wow.

Jessica Alba

We. Love. Jessica Alba. A stupidly beautiful, remarkably successful actress, Jessica would make this list regardless of anything. She’s always got a smile on her face which is, in itself, MILF-worthy. But like most other women on this list, she’s also a business woman. Someone who doesn’t just rest on her laurels, but goes out to make her mark in a more significant way. And being Jessica Alba, she wants do so by changing the world. The Honest Company sells non-toxic household goods, which means she provides the tools for every good mother out there. Baby care products are the company’s forte, which just goes to reinforce how much of mom-God this woman is. We know where we’ll be looking for inspiration when the time comes.

Kourtney Kardashian

Kourt is just great, and her dedication to motherhood really is renowned. Mother to Mason, Penelope and baby Reign, she feeds her children in the healthiest way ever (organic and dairy and gluten free), and dresses them in THE cutest way. She is the most brilliant homemaker we have ever seen, having managed to grace the cover of Architectural Digest without breaking a sweat. Bringing up three kids. Being that talented. And having that body? We need say no more.


Mila Kunis

We know this article is about bikini-clad MILFS. But there is no way we couldn’t include Mila. Notoriously private, it is incredibly difficult to catch her in a bikini. But that doesn’t matter. We can confidently say she is the Hottest.Mom.Ever. Mother to baby Wyatt and another on the way, she is incredibly grounded and dedicated to instilling seriously worthy values into her kids – her wedding ring was from Etsy, and she has proclaimed that whilst she has dollar, her children will grow up seeing none of it – humble appreciation is the name of her game. Top marks.

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