Happy Valentine’s Day, our loves!

We love love. It’s beautiful to hear what it is that makes each relationship special, unique, and work. On a day dedicated to celebrating love and each other, we decided to ask some of our favorites what qualities they love most about their partners. What do you love most about your person?


Cara Santana & Jesse Metcalfe: “My favorite thing about Jesse is that he means what he says, and says what he means. There is something so sexy about a guy who is reliable, transparent and honest. Looks fade, success ebbs and flows, but your character is here forever. It’s the best feeling to know you can count on your man.”

Chiara Ferragni and Fedez: “My favorite thing about Fedez is how creative and full of love he is.”

Natasha Oakley and Gilles Souteyrand “I love how he gets me more than anyone, loves me unconditionally and is always by my side.”

Devin Brugman and Daniel Yaro “My favorite thing about Yaro is that he makes me laugh every single day, is my best friend and loves asian food just as much as me.”

Helen Owen and Zack Kalter “(It’s hard to narrow this down to just one thing!!!) but one of my favorite things about him is how open and honest he is and has been since the day I met him and how effortless our communication is as a result of that. It’s what has carried our natural connection to be so easy and strong as time together passes.”

Pia Arrobio and Davide Baroncini: “I love that he is such a complete man, that for the first time in my life i feel like a complete woman.”

Devon Carlson and Jesse Rutherford: “My favorite thing about him is his big heart and his humor and laugh and smile and pretty brown eyes and his hugs and everything.”

Jenn Im and Ben Jolliffe: “My favorite thing about my man is how positive he is. It sounds cheesy, but he truly does light my life. Every morning he wakes me up with a smile and a hot plate of breakfast. He doesn’t believe in zodiacs, but I do think he lives up to his Libra. He’s all about the harmony and good vibes.”

Helen and Bobby Bense: “Bobby has the biggest heart and an old soul charm that captivated me the moment we met. He’s the most caring, honest and unconditionally loving man I’ve ever known…not to mention super smart, super hot and hilariously funny!”

Caroline Vreeland & Jason Odio “ My favorite thing about Jason is how he supports me unconditionally and how much he loves his niece and nephew.”

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