Some of us don’t need much motivation before working out, well, for the rest of us it’s a different story completely. Natasha and I make a point at keeping fit because we believe in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but even we get lazy sometimes. A fun way to get motivated is to pick a fun outfit, sounds silly? Not quite, as it really works as a motivator at times.

We don’t think it’s necessary to fuss with your hair and makeup before a workout: however, we certainly encourage you to invest some thought in your workout gear! Workout clothes are the perfect opportunity to be bold with colors and patterns; anything that makes you feel confident and ready to rock that workout. It doesn’t hurt that when the workout clothes are gorgeous, then there is no hurry to go home to change. It’s a very pleasant transition to running errands after-the-fact. Heck, you never know who’ll you’ll see at the car wash or supermarket, right?

We’re crazy about Australian brand Lorna Jane; not only are the clothes wonderful, but we also love the message of empowerment through active living behind the line. The fabrics are so soft and breathable, and we can safely say that the workout bras offer support like no other. We even like to set out our outfits the night before our workout so the next day we can just throw it on and we’re ready to go! Next time you reach a fitness goal, reward yourself with a fun, new piece of workout gear you can look forward to wearing at the gym . . . you can never have enough!



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