We can’t decide whether our job of wearing bikinis around the world is better than Josie Clough from “It’s Now Cool’s” job or not! We may have met our match!
This super cool, laid back Bondi local spends her days on Sydney’s beaches taking pictures of bikini babes from all over the world and she does a seriously good job. We wanted to see what all the hype is around her instagram page @itsnowcool was about so we decided to set up a shoot and do what we both do best. We were able to create some seriously hot bikini shots and I think it is safe to say that we are now cool! 
Read more about the life of a swimwear photographer in our interview with Josie, and see more images from our shoot below!
How did you get into photography?  I started photography about 3 to 4 years ago when I launched the e-zine, IT’S NOW COOL. I’ve never studied or learned photography and it’s been a slow process of learning, gaining experience and finding my way. It started as a hobby and has become a full blown passion that I am lucky enough to be able to do as my vocation, so I feel very blessed! Have you always shot swimwear and how did you begin your signature style of photography ( bronzed, glistening beach babes)? No, swimwear has been a more recent direction that I’ve focused on in the last year. It merged from fashion into swim and more recently my style of the super bronzed, glistening babes I think just organically. It’s what people like and what I kept being requested for so it’s kind of just become my thing! What camera gear do you use? I use a Cannon Mark II and a Mark III with a few different lenses. I don’t use much equipment, at most I would use a reflector if I have to shoot when the sun gets too high. Where is your favorite shoot location? The last year I’ve been shooting pretty much all along the Sydney beaches, I have favourites in many places. I guess my fail safe is the Bronte pool – I always love that. Anywhere with beach and sand though is good for me! What is your favorite time of day to shoot and why? Either early morning at around 7am or in the afternoon from about 3pm. The light is more direct on the girls and gives a really even tone. It is a bit of a struggle for the models having to open there eyes into direct light but we get there in the end! Favorite photo you have taken thus far? That’s a hard one. You have the photos that go mental on social media,  you have brands and clients requesting versions of…  and then you have personal favourites that you love that may not be as commercial. I do really love that one I shot of Tash when she’s laughing at Bronte, that is definitely up there… Aside from that I really have so many and they always change depending on my mood. Do you have a muse? No not really, I guess the girls I’m shooting become my muse at the time. Its about who they are and trying to capture there beauty, but in my style. Everyone is different and it’s important to work with the girls, make them feel comfortable and see who they want to be in front of the camera. Who is your favorite photographer? I love photographer Henrik Purienne, Mario Sorrenti, Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, Gilles Bensimon and Russell James What are some tips you would give to girls modeling in swimwear from you as the photographer on the other side of the camera? I think it’s very important to be yourself and feel comfortable in what you are doing. If you trust the photographer you are working with then really listen to what they are saying and try and take as much direction as you can. Come prepared, practice poses and facial expressions – know your body and then just have fun with it all. Being comfortable and having fun I think are the biggest things that make a shoot go from being good to being awesome. You told us you are afraid to fly but what is one far away destination you would definitely get on a plane to go and shoot in no matter how scary? Haha yes, I am not a fan of flying… I think probably some of the small authentic beach side towns in South America would be amazing. What do you think makes a woman sexy? I mean the most obvious is confidence, it really is the most sexy thing. Along with a beautiful smile and direct eye contact, a carefree and happy attitude, lots of energy and movement and just being so comfortable in your own skin.
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Also see more images from our shoot with Josie on the cover and in the pages of this month’s CLEO Fitness:tash oakley magazine covernatasha oakley cleo mag
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