Many women don’t realize that the way you carry yourself can change your appearance entirely. When we are young, slim and carefree, it is not so important how we present ourselves, but then womanly curves set in. My mother was Miss Australia and a successful model in her younger years, she taught me some tricks from back in the day, before there was photoshop and the models had to really MODEL!

When we say “know your body angles” we are referring to your posture, how you sit, how you stand and which angles are best for your figure personally. Devin and I have photo shoots everyday so we have to be aware of our best angles, I am sure if we weren’t keeping them in mind you could get some pretty funny looking photos of our bodies! The secret to a lot of super models careers is knowing their body and which ways it looks best, you can have the body of a super model but if you don’t know how to work it no one will ever know.  Changing your body angles is not about changing how you look, its about exentuating your best features and having your figure appear in its best form. Here are a few tips to keep in mind in day to day life as well as while taking photos:

1. Arms: We all have that one photo where our arm is squished against our body and looks 5 times bigger than it is! Remember to keep your arm slightly away from your body at all times, this will make them appear longer and slimmer.

2. Face: Avoid accentuating imperfections or looking older than you are by always find the light with your face; shadows are not flattering. Also everyone has a best angle for their face, have a look in the mirror and find yours. Keep this in mind especially when taking photos.

3. Legs: We all want our legs to look long, lean and smooth, a few tips to keep in mind with your legs is to not squish them down on chairs, point your foot when possible and stand slightly on your toes rather than flat on your feet. Also everyone’s legs have a best angle when taking photos, you may have noticed Devin and I will usually have one leg crossed over the other, pointed toe and slightly staggered or straight on with a “leg gap” and one foot slightly out in front of the other.

4: Mid section: To improve your midsection your posture is very important, never hunch or stack your body, stand and sit up straight, this is great for your posture any how and you will appear taller.

5: Hands: Never clench your fist or have your hand looking like a claw, keep your figures extended and close together in a gentle lady like manner.



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  1. Thanks for the article. It always good to show the best part of your body and idea the “less attractive”. I wrote an article about confidence in wearing bikini:

    Hope will help

  2. Really nice tips! Every girl model should read this!

  3. dev Reply

    What Leopard bikini is in the picture? Obsessed.

  4. Love the article:-).
    will definitely try all this tips on my next photoshop.

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