4 Effortless Ways to Increase Your Happiness Overnight

We all have those days – maybe you’re anxious, stressed, running low on energy… And you may try to combat these feelings by binge watching your favorite Netflix show or treating yourself to an extra generous pour of Pinot Noir. And it’s not all bad to lay low and forget about your worries from time to time. But there is an alternative… Check out these 4 easy, therapeutic fixes to increase your happiness in record time (without the screen eye fatigue and wine hangover).

1. Soak up that VitD.

Get your Vitamin D, ladies! VD is a daily essential that helps boost your brain’s serotonin levels – AKA it literally makes you happier! Research says that every woman should get around 5 msg of Vitamin D per day. So for those who work inside all day, depending on your skin type, that’s the equivalent of 15 minutes in the bare sun. And for the days when the sun isn’t out to play, Vitamin D supplements are a great alternative! (See our favorites here) 

2. Treat yourself to a Spa day

You deserve it! Whether you venture to your local spa, or simply recreate your own space into a sanctuary, occasionally pampering yourself is a must. Enjoy soaking in a hot, cinnamon sugar bubble bath while leisurely flipping through magazines or diving into your favorite read. Or treat yourself to a little TLC and make an appointment for a Mani/Pedi (don’t forget to reserve the massage chair)!11358076_1655469721354227_368445944_n

3. Journal
Journaling is very therapeutic and is a fun way to reflect on the past via your old entries and notes. It might seem a little old school, but compiling a list of everything you’re thankful for may be a nice reminder to look back at in times of stress. You could even keep a list on your phone if you’re the “tech-only” type.https://archive.omaniaa.co/archive/index.php/t-488629-p-4.html(image via Google Images – click for url)

4. Meditate

As meditating continues to grow in popularity among young adults, why not try it yourself? Meditation is known to help decrease stress levels and inflammation in the body. It’s perfect for those whose schedule is a little bit hectic considering the convenience of the practice. Meditate from the comfort of your home, for ten minutes before you get out of bed each morning or 20 minutes before your head hits the pillow at night! It’s so simple yet so effective.FullSizeRender

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