How to Get the Wet Hair Look

Wet Hair Look

Here at A Bikini A Day, we are always on the look out for new trends, and this year it is clear that the wet hair look dominated the runway. It is an incredibly diverse style that can be structured and sporty, or more side-swept and effortless. We turned to celebrity hair and makeup artist, Max May, to teach us how to recreate this super-chic, modern look:

What are you favorite products to achieve the wet hair look?

Step 1; I start buy combing L’Oreal Professional Scruff Me from roots to ends through damp hair. Note; this is a light hold gelée that will give the mid-lengths and ends of your hair a soft to touch wet-look texture, that won’t dry and make hair go fluffy throughout the day -like other gels do. 

Step 2; To give hold at the roots, setting your hair in place, you need to use a gel that has a strong hold, one with preferably a high sheen finish to catch the light and give more of a luxe finish. I use Kérastase Forme Fatale Blow Dry Gel which I comb through the roots ONLY with my Sephora Large Tooth Comb. Tip; To assure your hair stays in the exact position you have styled it into, use a diffuser on the end of your dry to dry the hair and set it in place for an all-day wear. 

To Finish… Use a hairspray that has a high-sheen finish. I love and use Shu Uemura’s Sheer Lacquer Finish Spray. Tip; Spray only the roots never the ends. Hair spray will dry and make the mid-lengths of your hair do the same.

What different wet hair looks can you go for (i.e. slicked back, messy etc) and how do you style these looks?

I kinda feel the slicked back wet-hair look, looks great in the evening when you have a cocktail dress on or when you are in some sort of swimwear. For day to day wear I would go for something softer and textured. I would start by parting the hair on the side of the head and slicking the part-side behind the ear, with your Kérastase Forme Fatale Gel. I would then comb L’Oreal Professional Scruff Me through the remainder of the hair and scrunch dry it using your diffuser, giving you a cool, wet-look, beach texture! The combination of the slick and the softer wet-look texture compliments all face shapes and is more wearable in day-to-day life!

Any do’s and dont’s/tips for the wet hair look?

Be careful using oils in your wet hair styles. They can stain clothes and be difficult to get out. Keep your makeup summery, concentrating on skin and it looking fresh and dewy. Try using stains on cheeks and lips in reds and oranges if your face needs a pop of colour to liven things up. I love applying cream cheek colours on raw makeup-free skin and then blending my foundation over the top. It makes bold colours like reds and oranges look like they belong there in a sun-kissed kind of way.

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