There are some things that are a constant in our lives such as drinking water, and a lot of it. This requirement is not for the dry, hot summer months alone, but rather a daily need no matter how cold or hot the weather is outside. And while some of us are totally in love with water, there are plenty who’d rather drink something with a bit more flavor to it. The problem is that with flavor comes a whole slew of unhealthy options, artificial sweeteners and food coloring etc.

For this purpose, our idea of preparing gourmet infused ice will allow you to have that extra flavor, yet help you save on time that it takes to prepare it. There is no need to don a chef’s outfit for this, it’s more about your own personal taste and what you’d like to taste in water. We have a few ideas of the types of gourmet ice that we at ADAD love to prepare in advance. All you need to get is a selection of fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs and a couple of ice trays. When you’re ready for a drink, all that you have to do is plop a couple of ice cubes into a cup or a jug, and either let it stand for a couple of minutes for the ice to begin melting, or drink right away while you enjoy sucking on the tasty ices cubes.

Blueberry-Lime Ice

You’ll need to shave the skin off the lime and slice it into delicate strips, then squeeze the lime juice into a cup. Place a couple of blueberries per cube, add a bit of lime juice and a bit of the skin, complete with water on top of the fruit and carefully place in freezer until it turns into ice.

Orange-Mint Ice

Peel an orange, making sure to peel the white fleshy bits from the peel. Slice the peel into thin strips, slice the orange into rounds and each round into quarters, deseed the rounds. Slice some fresh mint leaves. Place the orange quarter and a bit of its peel in the cube, and the mint and top with water.

Raspberry-Cucumber-Rosemary Ice

We love using Persian cucumbers just because they have so much flavor. Slice a cucumber into thin rounds, keeping skin on. Run your fingers through a rosemary stem and add a pinch of rosemary into a cube, add a cucumber round and one raspberry and top with water.

Pear-Strawberry-Mint Ice

Slice a pear into small cubes leaving skin on, halt the strawberries and slice into quarters, also finely slice the mint. Add each of the ingredients into the cube, top with water.

Watermelon-Mint Ice

Watermelon is one of our favorite fruits so the watermelon-mint ice is definitely our top choice! Slice watermelon into small triangular pieces and finely slice the mint. Add ingredients into the cube, top with water.

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