If you haven’t already heard of (or seen) Tash’s personal trainer boyfriend, Gilles Souteyrand, now is the time to take notice. Why? Because they’ve just released their highly anticipated “His & Her’s” 12 week fitness guides through The guides that promise to have you looking the best you ever have in 12 weeks have arrived just in time for summer and are definitely worthy of a download.

The women’s guide, Her Body by Gilles, combines Gilles’ expertise as a world renowned personal trainer with Tash’s personal fitness routine and input as to what women ultimately want from their workout. The fitness guide aims to transform your body into its best version, keeping in mind, as per Tash’s request, that women like to maintain their feminine form. Paired with the Nutrition guide co-created by Australian nutritionist Melanie Lionello, that contains the best looking recipes we’ve ever seen, you pretty much have no excuse not to make the change you’ve been wanting!

Apart from the fact that Tash has put her seal of approval on the guide, it is extremely easy to follow and super inspirational. That’s not to say the workouts are easy, but it’s all worth it in the end to feel and look the best you ever have.

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