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Travel is one of those things so many of us plan to do in the future but sometimes, understandably, have to postpone due to budget constraints or other surprises life throws at us when we least expect it.

However, we cannot stress enough how important it is for you to make travel a viable plan. It’s not only about the need to relax on vacation, discover interesting places along the way and fill your life with exceptional experiences and memories; it’s also about personal growth. Of course, we can come up with a list of things that are as important to achieve in life, but travel is just as relevant.

At ABAD, we want you to realize how much you will grow once you’ve veered away from your comfort zone and embraced a different culture and a different environment for a change.
The feeling is almost instant, when you cross a border and expose yourself to people from a different country, you broaden your mind; you’re able to better relate to people of other cultures—you learn tolerance as well. You realize the value in learning a different language, because English is not the only mode of communication in the world. You experiment with new cuisine; it’s always different in the country of origin, and seldom tastes like the ‘foreign’ food at home. Progress is always realizing that there is room to learn and improve, and travel also enhances confidence. Think about it for a second: you’re in a foreign place, having to use different currency, or trying to understand what the waiter is saying to you, or how to use their public transportation. All these little experiences might not look like much but they actually enhance your abilities tenfold. It’s a confidence builder as well. If you’re able to make your way in a different place, then what’s to stop you from pursuing that job you pine after, or a college degree, or a relationship?

The flip-side of this is that you also learn a lot more about your own country when you begin to see things from a whole other perspective. The ways in which travel enlightens you will always surprise you; you’ll be able to verify certain beliefs or myths by judging for yourself, or by talking to new people, and experiencing their life for a short period of time.

The world has become globalized, and getting those travel experiences means that you will always be able to navigate your way more successfully, once you’ve tasted those differences and found a common denominator with everyone. Networking abroad makes the world seem a little bit smaller.

Travel should definitely become part of your priority list, so even if something has temporarily held you back, don’t lose focus and let’s be sure you pack that suitcase and book your flight.

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  1. Love this post…always easy to put travel on the backburner but it’s one of life’s great enhancers…so agree, make it a priority! X

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