F E S T I V A L  V I B E S

It’s the season of crochet crop tops and Navajo turquoise jewelry mixed with the sizzling desert sun and of course the latest and greatest music artists. What better venue than Coachella for mingling and making memories with your friends, displaying your talented fashionista outfits, and listening to your favorite bands as you catch some rays and sip on some insta-worthy refreshments. As the free spirits would say, festivals are all about electrifying freedom and enjoying the present moment- so might as well look stylish while taking in all of what Coachella has to offer. As festival season creeps upon us, we’ve put together some of our favorite inspo outfits for you guys.

See you under the sun!

X – Tash & Dev

Tash: Bikini by Anna Kosturova // Necklace by Electric Picks // Body Chain by Grace Bijoux 

Dev: One Piece by Westerly Swim // Jewelry by Electric Picks & Jojo Rings  // Hat by Lack of Color 

One piece by Thisle and Spire // Hoodie by Project Social Tee

Chain Bra by Grace Bijoux // Crochet Shorts by Anna Kosturova 

Tash: One Piece and crochet wrap by Anna Kosturova // Necklace by Electric Picks

Dev: One Piece by Eco Peace // Necklace by Electric Picks

Chain Bra by Grace Bijoux // Necklace by Electric Picks // Shorts by One Teaspoon 

Bikini by Saint Sea // Poncho by Anna Kosturova // Hat by Lack Of Color

One Piece by Wet Swimwear // Shorts by Anna Kosturova // Beach pillows by Mahli Beach // Jewelry by Electric Picks // Beach blanket by Vitamin A

Tash: Bikini By Vitamin A // Body Chain by Grace Bijoux 

Dev: One Piece by Kaanda Beach // Crochet top by Anna Kosturova // Jewelry by Electric Picks 

Bikini by Winston White // Necklace by Electric Picks

Tash: Bikini by Bikini Bottoms // Chain Bra by Grace Bijoux 

Dev: Top by Made Worn // Bikini by Westerly Swim // Jewelry by Electric Picks

Bikini by Ela & Jackson // Shorts by Anna Kosturova 

Tash: One Piece by Koa Swim // Necklace by Electric Picks

Dev: Top by Anna Kosturova // Bottoms by Westerly Swim

Bikini by Raisins // Top by Monday Beachwear 

Outfits by Amuse Society // Jewelry by Electric Picks

Bikini by Eco Peace // Top by Anna Kosturova // Shorts by One Teaspoon

Both looks by Winston White // Hats by Lack of Color

Bikini by HAX Swimwear // Necklace by Electric Picks // Black wrap by Wet Swimwear

Tash: Dress by Vitamin A // Hat by Lack Of Color 

Dev: Top by Vitamin A // Shorts by RE/DONE // Hat by Lack Of Color 

Photography by Nicole Hill

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