IMG_5174We are all about a Piña Colada on a tropical beach but were shocked when we found out how many calories are actually in some of our favorite summer cocktails. We feel, as part of girl code, that we HAD to warn those of you who are unaware that your beloved Mojito or Margarita may actually be your worst enemy. 

Now, it wouldn’t be very “us” to tell you never to drink a cocktail again, after all you probably deserve one if you’ve worked all year to be on your vacation. But after realizing how outrageously fattening these tempting drinks are, we personally decided to see them as “treats” rather than a casual part of our holiday.

Long story short- cocktails can be an easy way to seriously pack on the pounds whilst on a holiday, so if you just keep your intake in proportion you can enjoy them without the weight gain!

Here is a breakdown of what is actually in the most popular pool bar cocktails, a few of these can be the equivalent to a serious steak house dinner with the works, which is pretty scary:

Piña Colada- can contain up to 600 calories

Long Island Iced Tea- can contain up to 760 calories

Margherita- can contain up to 650 calories

Lava Flow- can contain up to 400 calories

Mojito-can contain up to 242 calories

Mai Tai- can contain up to 350 calories

Strawberry Daiquiri- can contain up to 300 calories

Sangria- can contain up to 320 caloriesIMG_4892

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