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If you’ve ever wondered if you have a bikini body, the answer is YES. Contrary to what many people believe, you don’t have to look like a Victoria’s Secret Model to look “good” in a bikini and wearing a bikini involves so much more than how you look.

In our interviews we have been asked what we think a “bikini body” is and we thought it was very important to share our thoughts on this “issue” with you as our followers. The reason we say “issue” is due impossible standards imposed by the media who use words like “perfection” and “flawless.” The issue heightens when celebrities advertise detox teas and waist trainers and campaign models become slimmer and slimmer causing us all to become confused as to what it REALLY means to be beautiful.

The first thing we want to make clear is that LOOKS AREN’T EVERYTHING. Reducing ourselves, especially as women, to our physical appearance and competing with one another is taking 10 steps backwards. Devin and I travel the world and everywhere we go we meet successful, inspiring and confident women that would not be considered by, let’s say, a traditional modeling agency, as “beautiful,” but what makes them attractive is their strength or sense of humor, or that they can speak four languages, or are the CEO of a large company or that they ran a marathon for charity. As cliché as it sounds, it’s what’s inside that counts and even the most “beautiful” person can be ugly, inside.

If you have a body, then you have a bikini body! It’s really that simple. The difficult part for most women is feeling confident when you are wearing your bikini and what that really comes down to is you being the best version of yourself.  Believe it or not, Devin and I struggled with this. In the beginning, putting ourselves out there to be criticized by thousands of people on social media was not easy. Devin was self conscious about her stomach, thinking it was too wide and that she didn’t have a waist.  I had a complex about my legs, that they were not long enough. There were days that we didn’t feel worthy of the “swimwear model” title. The truth is, A Bikini A Day has been a journey for us and we owe our self confidence to YOU. Over the years so many young girls and woman have written to us telling us of their new found confidence after following us. We inspire them through our own self confidence and they finally feel comfortable with themselves and in wearing a bikini.  This is not only a huge honor, but it is also very inspiring to us. We realized that to doubt ourselves in anyway would be going against what we really believe, that all women are beautiful.

Although we have found a way to feel confident on the beach, we know it is easier said than done and it’s only natural to be critical of yourself, but the thing about that is, a little bit of criticism is sometimes a good thing. Without it,  you would never feel the need to improve, to workout that extra day a week or to study harder for that exam. But there’s a difference between being critical and over critical. Putting yourself down for things that you can’t change or that are natural and human is never healthy. Due to airbrushed images and media pressure, it’s easy to wonder why you see the pores on your face, the cellulite on your legs and feel ashamed of a scar or birth mark. Not only that, but we women delve deeper into self judgement and wonder whether we should have bigger boobs, bigger lips, skinnier legs or a flatter stomach. The thing we want you all to understand more than anything is that everyone is different and you should NEVER compare yourself to someone else.  Imagine how boring the world would be if everyone looked the same!

To us, unique characters are becoming more and more beautiful. Followers always comment on my teeth, saying they stick out or that they are ugly! So, do you know what I do? I stick them out more! They are what make me different, they are my “thing.” It’s who I am. The point is, life is too short to be worrying about what you don’t have. The moments worth remembering are those when you feel happy with your friends or family, when you finally achieved something you worked really hard for or when you see something majestic on your travels that makes you feel humble. The bikini should not be sexualized or seen as something that could make you feel self conscious. The header on our website reads, “We feel as though the bikini is a symbol, it embodies a lifestyle of freedom, travel, expression and relaxation.” Bikinis are made for long days in the sun with your best friends, playing on the beach, taking a vacation with someone you love, falling on your face when you try surfing for the first time or admiring a stunning sunset. Don’t don’t let the media confuse you into thinking that it’s always about how you look and don’t let anyone ever tell you you are not beautiful, because you are!

Devin and I still have days where we have our own doubts, but we motivate each other by keeping a positive mentality, not comparing ourselves to others and by remembering to be our best selves. That is what gives us the confidence to be in bikinis 365 days of the year. We hope that we inspire to get in the gym, follow your dreams, take a trip overseas and not to look like or be like us, but to be YOU!

X- Natasha Oakley

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  1. Thank you for this article! I’m 50 and workout to stay healthy and fit. i wear a bikini, Women my age are not recognized in the media we are invisible but make no mistake we are very present. Beauty is very much about confidence and a positive outlook in life. We are all beautiful!

    Thanks again!

    Myrna Gutierrez

  2. ashlee Reply

    exactly what i needed.

  3. this girl looks Awesome with the nice bikini.

  4. Félicia Pham Reply

    IT was such an beautiful article thank you Tash i’ve always love bikinis and everything you and Devin post is truly inspiring keep on doin’ what you do girls

  5. Thanks natasha, this is so well written and such an important message. 🙂 love what you do.

  6. Rose Reply

    So well written, and i think this applies to *everything*, not just bikini bodies! I love how balanced your article is – acknowledging that a little criticism is okay if it makes us become our better selves, but there’s such a huge difference between that and over criticism. I think many of us are having a hard time finding that balance. I see it as a parent – either we tell our kids that as long as they tried (even if they didn’t try very hard) it’s okay, or we push them to win win win. Both for our kids and ourselves, we need to find that healthy happy productive middle ground. 🙂

  7. Im not one to fangirl but you two arE super inspiring; thank you for being such a Refreshing Voice in our confusing generatIon. You deserve all the success in the world: keep Being you, beautiful insIde & out! xx

  8. Grant Dunlop Reply

    Thats a wonderful and inspiring article Tash and so true should never compare yourself with so called stars all women are beautiful its not just what you see and as for you tash you beat those victoria’s secret models hands down as your just a beautiful person full stop so big thank you from this old guy.

  9. Eline Reply

    Amen! BeautifuLly writing! Although you both have amazing bodies, i get more inspired by your Travelles, confidence, work ethic, style aNd Creativity!! Which inspires me soooo mUcH! So thank you Both for sharing parts of your liFe with us!

  10. Such an inspiring and moving post! SElf confidence is so Important, and everyOne is beautiful in their own way; learn to embrace your Imperfections because that’s what makes us unique, bUt also highlight the characteristics that you love. A Positive attiTude is a great personality and looK.

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