Trips to the nail salon can be expensive and timely, so we’re going to teach you our step-by-step method to giving yourself the perfect nail salon quality manicure so you can save some cash and have beautiful nails 24/7.

What you’ll need:

Acetone– Ditch your standard nail polish remover and invest in a bottle of acetone. This is what they use in nail salons and you can find it at pretty much any beauty supply store. Acetone will not only speed up the entire process because of it’s effectiveness, but ensure your manicure is clean and concise.

Cuticle Remover– Investing in your own bottle of cuticle remover is an essential factor in your perfect manicure future.

Cuticle Pusher– Make sure to also buy a cuticle pusher to remove the cuticle once they’ve softened.

Nail Clippers

Emery Board Nail File– We prefer to use emery board nail files because they are more effective than those random nail files you’ve had since you were 13 that have been sitting in your bathroom for ages. Get a fresh pack of emery boards; they’re cheap and work the best!

Nail Buffer

Base Coat

Nail Polish– A fresh bottle of nail polish is always best. Try to avoid using old bottles that have turned goopy. If you must use an old polish, first add a few drops of acetone into the bottle and shake, this will thin out the polish allowing you to paint more easily. Our favorite nail polish color is ‘Ballet Slippers’ by Esse, it’s natural and beautiful.

Top Coat– We swear by this Seche Vite top coat.

Nail Brush– You can use an actual nail brush or you can simply use an angled eye makeup brush. If you decide to use one of your own brushes make sure you keep it for your nail kit.


STEP 1: Remove all old nail polish with the acetone.

STEP 2: Apply cuticle remover to your nail beds and leave it on for 1 minute. Once the minute is up use a cuticle pusher to gently remove the cuticle. The cuticles should come off easily, so if you’re having trouble getting them off let the cuticle remover sit for a little bit longer until they’re soft enough to push.

STEP 3: Cut and file your nails to your desired length and shape. We prefer short-medium length nails with a square shape and rounded edges.

STEP 4: Buff your nails. Make sure all grooves and imperfections are smoothed out. Buffing is important because it create a clean and even painting ground.

STEP 5: Apply base coat. Using a bonding base coat is best because it will help make your manicure last longer. The base coat is an easy step to skip but don’t skip it! The base coat creates a specific texture on your nails that will make the actual painting process easier.

STEP 6: Paint your nails. Begin by getting a generous amount of polish on the brush and paint from the middle/bottom of your nail up. Make sure the first coat isn’t too thick. Try to cover your entire nail with one dip of the brush to ensure a smooth and flowing paint job. Do both hands and allow for the first coat to dry completely before starting the second. Don’t stress about getting excess paint around your fingers while painting, you will use the nail brush later to touch it up.

STEP 7: While your second coat is drying you can use this time as an opportunity to clean up your paint job with the nail brush. Dip the brush into the acetone and use the tip to brush away any excess nail polish surrounding your nails.

STEP 8: Once your second coat is dry apply your top coat. Make sure you cover your entire nail and even the tips of your nails to seal the paint job. Let this dry completely! A good top coat is key to a long lasting manicure.

This technique can also be used for a pedicure! X







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