Daring and bold are the perfect words to describe AMARA Swimwear. Designer Lisa Jackson, has created something one of a kind. Here’s the scoop about Lisa and her killer bikinis:

What sparks your creativity when designing your swimsuits?

It’s so hard to pinpoint where a thought comes from when it enters your mind and I feel that any form of creation is divine in a way. I don’t think very deeply about what I’m designing. It’s a very natural process for me. I do always find myself inspired by the curves of a woman’s body and how the right line or cut can completely compliment and enhance those curves. I think that’s why I was drawn to designing swimwear over anything else. I also get super inspired by music and usually listen to one or two albums or artists on repeat while I am designing a collection.

What are you looking for when selecting the fabrics used in your swimsuits?

Quality, performance and colour are key in selecting my fabrics. For this collection, I started researching Italian fabric manufacturers because I wanted the best of the best and I found an outstanding company that not only has extremely high quality fabrics but also have a focus on green initiatives. Their manufacturing facility is dedicated to reduction and prevention of pollution, protection and preservation of green spaces, water treatment and monitoring of gas emissions. Most of our fabrics are also 78% recycled fiber.

Tell us about your dedication to protecting the environment.

Nowadays everyone is obsessed with fast fashion, buying far too many things at very low prices which gives people a disposable attitude towards their clothing. I believe fashion is and should be viewed as an art form. It’s important that anything I put out into the world is contributing to making it a better place for us all which for me means creating quality pieces in my collection. I am a firm believer in quality over quantity and incorporate that philosophy into every aspect of my life. I keep these values in mind in my production and design process. Anything I create, I want my customer to absolutely love and want to cherish for years to come. I chose fabrics that incorporate LYCRA XTRA LIFE fibers to extend the life of each piece far beyond that of traditional spandex products by resisting fiber breakage and fit loss caused by sunscreen and pool water. This ensures an enduring gorgeous fit and a bikini that is built to last.

What do you think is the most unique aspect of your line?

I am very proud to say my collection is manufactured in NYC’s historic Garment District. Aside from my environmental initiatives and dedication to local manufacturing, I have teamed up with good friend and photographer Robin Waters and her street wear brand, Don’t Blow The Illusion to create a collection of digitally printed bikinis which are unlike anything I have ever seen. What’s truly unique about these prints are that they were not shot specifically to be swimwear prints but pulled from Robin’s body of work. She has captured these images throughout our endless highs and lows and epic adventures and there is an art and soul evident in each shot that is rare and beautiful. Each shot has a story to tell that is extremely personal.

Each piece in the collaboration is reversible to a solid colour and can be mixed and matched with any other piece in the AMARA collection. I’m extremely excited to share this collection with the world after such an overwhelming reception of our Hotcakes collaboration this past year.

How do you want girls to feel when wearing your swimsuits?

I want AMARA girls to feel fearless, adventurous and carefree when wearing my kinis. I experience some of my happiest moments in a bikini, by the ocean. It’s an amazing blessing to be a small part of someone else’s blissed out moments. I like to think that my bikinis will serve as a reminder of that bliss no matter where she goes and will always bring her back to those moments when she was truly happy.

Congrats on your first time attending Miami Swim Week! What are your steps in preparing to show your new line at Salon Allure?

It’s been so exciting preparing for Salon Allure! I am introducing 2 new collections, so it’s been quite hectic finalizing all the samples, planning look book shoots and scheduling appointments, all while being in the middle of production! I’m a bit of a workaholic with serious tunnel vision so my friends and family have been missing me these past couple of months. Luckily, I get to work with Robin on a daily basis and we are constantly laughing and having a blast amidst the crazy schedule. The hard work we’ve been putting in has been so rewarding though. We are truly blessed.

How did you decide which looks from your collection you wanted to show on the runway for the opening night show?

I chose looks for the runway that will show the diversity and versatility of the collection, statement pieces that will really command the attention of the audience. However, it was a very difficult decision because I’m absolutely in love with every piece!

What trends are you most excited to see on the catwalk this summer in Miami?

I love the reemergence of surf culture in the mainstream and that sportier, performance pieces are now being made with an aesthetic finesse that has not been seen before. I look forward to seeing hardcore surfer and yoga girls wearing some of my pieces. I think 2015 is going to be a very exciting year in swimwear.
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Designer Lisa Jackson



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