The World’s Most Cultural Beaches

We get it. Nothing beats a beach vacation, one where you sit back, relax and do nothing but listen to the waves crash in the distance. But we’re suckers for culture. Right now, we have the strongest urge to explore little markets, historical monuments and see some fascinating, multicoloured towns and the locals that live a world away from ours.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik has it all. That secret excitement that only Europe has to offer, one which promises beauty, history and adventure. And Croatian city certainly delivers. Sitting on the Adriatic coastline, it has seas of the most gorgeous blue. But what’s unique about this town is that the little sailboats that dot the shores are viewable from the winding streets of a medieval town. Yup, that’s right. Dubrovnik is so old and historically important it is protected by UNESCO. During it’s golden age of the 16th century (yup, it’s that old), it housed one of the world’s largest navy fleets – and so much of that era remains. Combined with Baroque churches and unbeatable seafood, it is so, so cool.

Bali, Indonesia

When it comes to vacations, Bali is the dream. Synonymous with spas, there is no where better to relax and hide away from, well, just anything and everything. The beaches are so white and the seas so clear, that whether your thing is zenning out or diving, you’ll be in seventh heaven. Once you’ve absorbed the beauty and peace of Bali’s beaches, we suggest you head deep, deep into its jungles. They’re full of monkeys and other exciting finds – you’ll think you’re on another planet – but nothing compares to the amazement of stumbling across one of the many hidden temples. And believe us, you’ve never seen so many temples – each village has three. It is a world of spirituality like no other, with ancient mythology framing your adventures.

Tel Aviv, Israel

There is so much to do and see in Tel Aviv, it’s a joke. The Israeli coast is a land of excitement in itself: once you’re done with the city’s world renowned party scene (often regarded superior to Ibiza), or had some of the most delicious food you have ever eaten (a mesh of the region’s Arab influences and modern, European culture), you’ll have some time to explore. Head two minutes south, and you will find Jaffa, an ancient Arab port which is still a thousand years away. Head twenty minutes north, and you will discover Caesarea, a beach town named after Julius Caesar and housing some of the best archaeological sites in the world. And in less than hour east, you will be in Jerusalem – one of the most religiously intense, provocative cities that exist. Again, largely untouched in hundreds of years, you won’t know what century you’re in. For the history, the adrenalin and the adventure, get there now.


Havana, Cuba

A trip to Havana is, pretty much, a trip to 1950’s America – but with a strong, spicy Spanish influence. The pastel-lined town is vibrantly rich in culture, with salsa music dotting street corners and the country’s legendary cigars lending their scent to your exploring. You have to go to ‘Old Havana’, Havana’s 16th century core and a key stopping point between what was seen as the ‘Old’ and ‘New’ Worlds. The architecture takes on a hint of the Neo Classical and Baroque, and your wanderings will take on a whole new intensity. And Cuban beaches. Dreamy. Think palm trees, ice white sand and bright blue waters. We don’t really need to say more. It won’t stay like this much longer, so you better go there quickly.

Cartegna, Colombia

The visuals of Cartegna say it all really. The most amazing colors – blues, reds, yellows, greens. And its history is as rich as its colors. Founded in 1533, it quickly became central in organising the expansion of the Spanish Empire. It was flooded with royalty and key military figures, and so was a place of cultural and political significance from the get go. You can only imagine how the architecture developed… Like Dubrovnik, it is now a UNESCO world heritage site – kind of says it all, really. When you combine all of the above with Cartegna’s living culture of endless festivals and celebrations, you realise it is one of the most vibrant places in the world. And yes, you’re right on the Carribean Sea. The. Dream.


And there are so, so many more. Greece and Italy house some of the most picturesque and culturally rich villages in the world. Miami and Cape Town both have the most amazing beaches and vibrant cultural scenes. We want to go to all of them and experience everything that the world has to offer. And if we can start our days in a bikini whilst we’re at it, you won’t be able to keep us away.

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