This time of year is always exciting.

It’s a time when we can finally take a break from the responsibilities that usually hang over our heads, and spend it with those most special to us.

We love to get creative with our decorations, but Christmas can suddenly sneak up on you and we know a busy schedule can get in the way of creating a special atmosphere at home. So, we thought we’d share with you some of our fave décor ideas incase you need a little last minute inspo (we’re running a little behind, too).
We lean more towards the Beachy Shabby Chic vibe, but make sure your christmas reflects your style so you love it – it’ll be the first thing you see on Christmas morning!

The Tree

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The Ornaments

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The Gifts

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The Star


The Extras

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We obviously had to throw that last one in there… Who knows? Maybe he’ll be under our tree this year?!

Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays


p.s  All of these beautiful inspo images were found on Pinterest, click here to see more from our Pinterest account..

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