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Why should you convert to Brazilian cut bikinis? We have tried our best to demonstrate the effects these magical bottoms can have! No wonder Brazilians are know for their “butts” they have these amazing suits that shape them perfectly. This is not to say fuller bottoms can’t look great as well, it all depends on the setting and occasion but we think every girl should have at least one Brazilian cut bikini!

We have demonstrated in this photo what many of us girls that have all ready converted are aware of! The Brazilian cut gives shape to your booty, where as large cut bottoms can make it appear to be less “juicy” and slightly boxy ! Trust us whether you have a small booty a big booty or in between these suits will do you wonders. Promise us you’ll give it a try because once you go brazilian you never go back!!Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 4.35.56 PMSHOP OUR FAVORITE BRAZILIAN STYLES

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  1. HI girls! check our brazilian beachwear. They are all made in brazil and we ship worldwide:

  2. corey Reply

    Whether not weather!

  3. Love it! Check out our line of Brazilian bikinis at KinsmanSwim (Dot) Com!

  4. Tessa Reply

    I love the brazilian bottoms! I only have one question: what brand iS that black brazilian bottom you’re weaRIng? xoxo

  5. Luxurious Brazilian Swimwear & One of a Kind Accessories Created Exclusively for You.
    ❤ ❤ ❤

  6. blondie Reply

    but what if i have cellulite ?! it’ll look awful won’t it ?!

    • I don’t think you will look awful! You can be more careful with what you wear don’t need to go to a complete g-string you can go for a traditional Brazilian cut!

  7. i am a brazilian bikini bottom convert! Its just a pity that in australia (where i live), the women are still conservative and not many girls wear these styles… hopefully things will change sooner rather than later as the style makes ones booty look so much better =) Love your work girls xxx

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