Our followers always ask about our fitness routine, our diets and how we keep in shape. Surprisingly, not many ask about how we keep happy, healthy and confident.

If there is one thing we thoroughly believe, it’s that feeling good about ourselves doesn’t develop as the result of countless hours in the gym or a gruelling diet, but the way we think. First and foremost, feeling good comes from within. We have called this year’s fitness series “The Body Love Series” and have shaped it by a concept we want you all to follow: one of “loving your body, and then giving your body love”.

The last few years have taught Devin and I the importance of embracing your body, of owning what you’ve got. Your shape and size don’t matter: if you’ve got it, you can rock it. We incorporate fitness into our lifestyles to be the best version of ourselves,  not to look like someone else, or to strive to be what society considers “perfect”. Sure, we have had the occasional comment about “that being easy for us to say”, but that is the furthest thing from the truth. We find women of all shapes and sizes extremely beautiful, and not just because of their physical appearance. We actually love anything that makes someone stand out from the rest. People’s differences and imperfections are what makes them special. Uniqueness is greater than anything, and we guide ourselves with the belief that we are, and everyone else is, beautiful.

Over the next 6 weeks, we will be sharing parts of our own fitness regime with you. We would love for you to try it. But before it even begins, please do keep these things in mind:

  1. We want you to set out to have a healthy lifestyle; but a healthy lifestyle in more ways than one. It’s about mind, body and soul – not just body.
  2. Look at yourself in the mirror and understand what makes you beautiful. This is about you, so give your body the recognition it deserves. Do not exercise to change who you are or to look like someone else; do it to feel like the best version of yourself. Fitness DOES NOT have to be about shredding every bit of fat on your body to look skinny. Instead, it should be about shaping and toning your natural figure so that you feel confident in your own skin.
  3. We hope you love our workouts, but we also encourage you to remember the importance of variety. We do not restrict ourselves to one routine, and wouldn’t want you to either. Make fitness a fun, relaxing or social thing. Make it whatever you want it to be! If you work a lot and need a release and a time to relax, try yoga or work out alone with some soothing music. If you feel most inspired to work out with others and love to be social, try classes or exercising with a friend. It needs to be something you genuinely look forward to. Otherwise we can guarantee its not going to “work out” for you ; ).
  4. Please listen to your body and trust your inhibitions. Push yourself to your limit and follow your goals, not someone else’s. Whether you work out twice a week or 5 times, it’s all up to you and what you feel you need. We know how hard it can be to find time to spare, what with work, school and life in general. Don’t be hard on yourself! The odd week where you work out less does not matter one bit.
  5. Inspire others, not just yourself. Make a point of sharing the BODY LOVE! Women should appreciate other women. We should know that everyone has beauty, both within and without. We personally always make a point of supporting one another, as well as those around us. Together, let’s make a change and show society what really makes women so special: our ability to love!
  6. Lastly, we know how many programs and fitness regimes are trending right now. They’re often extremely rigorous and pretty intimidating. But in all honesty, they often represent an extreme version of fitness. And that doesn’t suit everyone. It certainly does not suit us! Personally, we love our curves and we don’t want to get rid of them for the world- so whilst we work out to tone and shape our bodies, our main aim is the satisfying feeling of a great workout, whatever it may be.

We hope to inspire you, not instruct you. We can’t be bothered with ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos, but are already looking forward to hearing of your new found confidence and lifestyle! Remember “LOVE YOUR BODY AND THEN GIVE YOUR BODY LOVE”.

Our plan for next 6 weeks is outlined below, and we hope you enjoy following along. Please do share you’re experiences with us. We can’t wait to smile with you!


To kick off the #BodyLove series, we have partnered with health and fitness magazine SELF to create a #6WeeksUntilSummer challenge. This is for those who are looking to get in shape and feeling good, just in time for summer! See it here.


Our activewear style look book.  Curated from the collections of Bandier’s, the best of activewear retailers, we have also included our very own line: Monday Active. We feel like a cute outfit to workout in can be motivational in itself!


Our very own arms and abs workout. No equipment needed!


An insight into our personal day to day diet, favorite healthy recipes, and how often we indulge!


Our infamous “butt workout” that you will feel working instantly!


Our new favorite 20 minute workout. You will never want to spend an hour in the gym again!

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    I’d like to sign up for the 6 week challenge 🙂

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    Id like to sign up for the one month challenge!

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    looking forward to the blody love workout series….so it begins during coachella? Hope to see you girls there!!

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