Bikinis For A Big Bust by Devin

How many times have you gone shopping with your friends just to sit in the dressing room watching them try on cute little backless tops, dresses you don’t have to wear a bra with, adorable lacy lingerie and endless amounts of perfectly fitting bikinis? Trust me, I’ve been there and it’s not fun. You’ll find a bikini you’re absolutely in love with but it will be too big around the back, dig into your neck, give you no support, won’t hold you in, or have some other annoying issue that leaves you bikini-less, or even worse, spending $200 on a bikini that doesn’t actually fit. The struggle is so real for big busted girls when it comes to shopping in all departments and swimwear is no exception.

I know that so many of our followers can relate to me on this so I wanted to share some brands that work for me and long awaited tips that I have discovered through my own personal struggle with this problem and from literally wearing thousands of different bikinis. When I say “work for me”, I mean bikinis that offer full support and are comfortable while still remaining stylish and sexy!

Tips to live by:

– Avoid thin neck ties, it doesn’t matter how cute the bikini is its not worth it to have your neck severed at all day.
– Go for tops that are adjustable on the back and neck so it won’t be fitting better in one place then the other.
– Its hard to find a good bandeau style top but if you do go for one make sure it has supportive and removable straps.
– Always look for a underwire or under band support in tops, this is the ideal scenario for us and most brands offer styles that do include it.
– A chic one piece is always a great option so you can be free to move around on the beach and not have to worry about falling out of your swimsuit
– Buy a separate size top and bottom, our bodies are not made to fit one size for both and its costs the same to do so.
– Make sure it fits right before you buy it and hit the beach, it’s worth the wait to find the perfect fit, nothing is more uncomfortable than a bikini that doesn’t fit! Here are some of my favorite brands to make your search a little easier:

Here’s a list of some of my favorite bikini brands that are perfect for girls with a bigger bust!


When designing our own swimwear line, Monday Swimwear, it was important to Natasha and I to include suits that are supportive and comfortable for girls like me with a large cup size. The Tulum suit (below) is my absolute favorite because its fully adjustable on the back and neck and the thickness of the strap makes it very supportive and flattering.


VIX Swimwear are all about luxury and femininity, I love how flattering and fashionable their designs are, as we all know the higher the cup size the more the bikini can start to look like a bra and underwear but VIX does a great job at keeping their designs stylish whilst still being functional.

Sofia by VIX swimwear is designed for younger girls and includes girly and fresh designs, no matter how young you are its always important to have designs that will be supportive as you grow and change.


Skye Swimwear designs are always modern, womanly and supportive. I love the soft materials and prints, their suits never look bulky but always provide the right amount of coverage. Skye swimwear has designs that will work for girls with up to and F cup!


Body Glove has been on of my favorites for years, the have huge collections with so many different styles and color ways all of which cater to girls with a bigger bust!


Talented designes Kalani and Oleema Miller have included XL sizing in their collection which will work for girls up to a DDD cup.


This infamous Australian brand caters for woman all shapes and sizes. After their creation in 1975 they have remained as the leading swimwear brand in Australia for woman and they definitely understand what is takes to design something for every body type. IMG_0781-1024x683


Who better to design a bikini then a surf brand, they get what it takes to create a supportive and functional bikini more than anyone and it shows in their collections. I am always able to rely on Volcom for some great swimwear options! IMG_0767-1024x683

Shop some of my personal handpicked favorites:

I hope my tips and suggestions will help to end the bikini struggle for our followers with bigger busts like me. If any of you have more questions we are always happy to answer through our “Talk To Us” page. Remember to keep following us on instagram or the website to see our daily picks for the Bikini of the Day which always include great options for girls with a bigger bust!


XO Devin Brugman

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  1. Rox Reply

    Hi devin…i have A sImilar cup size as you and am wondering if you can tell me where you get your bras and what style they aRe exactly. In t shirts its hard for me to look sLim with a big cup sizE but you always do! Thanks. Xo r

  2. very much an effective collection,the styling and the designs are just identical to a Brazilian bikini.The colors are also bright and very refreshing.

  3. katie Reply

    FANTASTIC Blog! I know the struggles of finding a bikini which is flattering, sexy and supportive with a big cup size, I have been a UK 30FF (AU 8e/8f) since I was 15 (I am now 22) and so many swimwear options are akin to what my Grandmother would wear! Thank you for providing such real and well considered advice for us big busted beach goers, who neither want to look like porn stars nor nuns on holiday.

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