Bikini Destination Guide: Ibiza

Ibiza. The White Isle, so named because of its lashings of purity. Purity in all different forms, that is. The purest sands, the purest meditations, the purely best parties and experiences you may ever have. Whether you crave a holistic break away from the hustle and bustle of your daily routines, or an escape into a world of hedonism, this is where you need to be. Infused with the world’s most seasoned jetsetters, it has long been a place that shapes people’s summers – or their years. And for good reason. Ibiza is the island that dreams are made of.

Essentials for packing: 

Bikinis, obviously.

Sandals – we recommend a good pair of flats and a pair of wedges, both of which will be perfect for that day-to-night vibe.

Kimonos – following the theme, we remind you that you’ll probably go from beach to party. So a good, elegant yet floaty cover up is the perfect piece to dress up – and spice up – your beachwear.

Jewelry – jewelry aplenty, really. We’re thinking charms, bracelets, long necklaces. The key thing here is dangly, clinky. Think Esmerelda with a touch of Jasmine. You can’t have enough on this island! And definitely add a glitter tattoo, for good measure.


Taxis are essential on the island, but pretty expensive. We suggest you either bring a nominated driver or travel in large groups, so taxi fares can be split. And once you find a good driver, take his card and keep him. Those 4am calls from middle-of-nowhere villa parties need to be answered by someone!


Ibiza has a little bit of everything: from old city outposts which represent the culture of the island’s locals, to musically-infused dining and some of the most dreamlike beach restaurants we’ve ever seen.

La Olivia

Owned by some dear friends, La Olivia is one of our go-to dinner spots while visiting Ibiza. On our last visit I think we visited La Olivia for dinner at least three times. Located in the heart of Old Town, this dining experience is as authentic as you can get in Ibiza. We recommend sitting outside on the cobble stone walkway to really take in all that Old Town has to offer!


Amante is possibly the most soothing, relaxing restaurant you will ever visit. And we mean ever. Perched on a cliff in one of the beautiful coves that line the north of the island, this is an upper crust detox like no other. The food is exquisite; the views better. Once you have finished lunch and the perfect amount of rosé, head downstairs to the restaurant’s sun-basked decking area. There, you’ll find the most romantic massage location ever. We guarantee you’ll be there until sunset, getting last night’s toxins soothed out of you under the soaring cliffs and sounds of the waves beating against the sands of time.

El Chiringuito

We love this beach spot. The epitome of Ibiza chic, El Chiringuito is a sea of rosé-clad tables spread out under fresh, white canopies. The chicken is our particular favorite, but you can’t go wrong with any fish dish here. Or anything, really. This is a place to sip away your afternoon along on a wide stretch of sand, looking at beautiful people and making beautiful memories.

Juan y Andrea

A short boat ride from Ibiza itself, Juan y Andrea finds itself on the picturesque island of Formentera. Think Carribean-clear waters, the whitest sand, and a vista that can only be imagined. Unlike most beach restaurants found on the main isle, this is about barefoot moments. Hippy vibes, rickety surroundings, but the freshest fish you can imagine. Ever.

Sunset Ashram

A different kind of hippy-vibe, Sunset Ashram finds itself perched on a cliff-top, and is home to the yogis of the island. A true escape from reality – they laugh at the thought of phone chargers – this is the place to be for a sunset of memories. The name says it all; an oasis of calm and curries, Indian-esque vibes twinkling under the fairy lights that adorn the structure. For this is a structure rather than a building; whilst there is a ‘roof’, it is merely the bare bones; diners find themselves with 360° views of those sunsets, and the endless stars that follow.


For something a little more jazzy, head to Lio, in the island’s marina. The food is exquisite, but the real selling point of this stalwart is its famous cabaret. Think operatic dancing on the waves, carnival-esque dancers parading up and down the pool in the center of the restaurant. Yes, there is a runway-shaped pool placed neatly amongst diners. Theirs is a show to be seen; a fantasical display set with a backdrop of the island’s historic old town. A vision not to be missed.



The nightlife in Ibiza? Rest assured, you can do no wrong. We recommend you definitely try one of the mega clubs that make the island famous. Space, Amnesia, Pacha (our personal favorite with its mega themed nights, transporting you into another time and place) and DC10 are all must-tries. But we must emphasise that the magic on this island expands to the blurring of day and night. Parties begin at 5pm, they may not end for 24 hours. So bare this in mind: get yourself used to some ‘nightlife’ in the sun! It is these parties that truly rock our socks.

Blue Marlin

The day party to end all day parties, Blue Marlin sits one of the island’s remote coves. Except it’s not quite as isolated as one may think. Yachts and boats of all shapes and sizes dot the sea, choosing to moor here because of the unique combination of vista and legendary parties. Food is served under beautiful, low-hanging trees. But when the music starts… it’s a place like no other. With some of the best DJ’s around, we recommend getting here for 7pm to experience the handover from day to night. The beautiful views are replaced by some mesmerising light shows; and there you will go… lost in a world of fantasy and promise. Saturdays are a particular highlight.

Beach House

The party here begins in the afternoon amongst carpaccios and pizzas of the highest quality. El Chiringuito’s sister, Beach House is slightly more conveniently located next to some of the island’s most popular hotels. Like its counterpart, it finds itself on the white sands of the beach. However here, the beach beds become club tables, with magnums of champagne and rosé flowing by 6pm. Their beach parties are straight out of a movie. A raucous blend of happy, happy people. Our particular highlight is Rumors, held on a Sunday by the world famous, and typically phenomenal Guy Gerber.

Experimental Beach 

Another of our favorite locations, the Experimental Beach is perfect for sunset. Think beautiful food decorated with a backdrop of flaming torches, all perched high on a clifftop. This place doesn’t get too intense; it is delightfully chilled with just the right amount of hip music and cocktails to travel half the world for.


Aside from all of the above? The island is beautifully natural and picturesque and, almost ironically, the perfect place for a detox or couple’s retreat. There are dozens of health-infused getaways on offer in Ibiza, each one unique in their own way. Yoga and hiking often take a prominent place in their programs; the activities both in abundance throughout.


The landscape is both dramatic and serene: each bend, each cove promising new feelings and temperaments. The north of the island is especially dramatic, with cliffs replacing beaches to create the rugged and changing terrain so important in a hike. Guys. Those views…


In a place where you’ll find Buddah statues propped up next to every bar and swimming pool, it is no surprise that the calming influence is so easily found. Ibiza is known almost as much for its yogi bunnies as its party animals, and there is plenty of opportunity to join them. With programs for novices and experts alike, it won’t be hard to find your zen. Namaste in Ibiza….

Exploring Old Town

Walking through the cobblestone streets of Old Town is like stepping into history. The ancient walls and streets are untouched, giving a true sense of what life was like in Ibiza in the old days. Take a couple hours to walk through the streets, check out the beautiful old cathedrals, visit the musem and enjoy the scenery.


Cala Conta

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Cala Salada

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Formentera Beach


Cala Jondal BaySa Caleta
IMG_5477Es Codolar


Las Salinas


Accomodation in Ibiza is usually taken up in the form of villas, available from Saturday to Saturday. There are countless to choose from, from Mediterranean-inspired villas to chic, modern hideaways. They can be quite pricey but it’s well, well worth it.

Destino Pacha

If we were to go with one hotel however, it would be Destino Pacha. Delightfully distanced from the island’s hustle and bustle, the hotel’s white-washed villas are spread over the greenest grass you may see during your stay. The pool is as fluid as pools can be, with almond-shaped sunbeds rested along its shores. There are others overlooking the uninterrupted sea, where you can sit and enjoy some of the most delicate yet delicious food you will find. Whilst its clean lines and pure whiteness make for a great cut off, they do host some breathtaking parties too. There’s no escaping the Ibiza-ness of the place.

Hacienda Na Xamena 

Just another cheeky suggestion, one of pure romance and relaxation. Hacienda Na Xamena finds itself in the picturesque north of the island, so you’re very well placed away from the hustle-and-bustle-and-party atmosphere. Ibiza is a place of beauty and nature first and foremost, both of which this hotel truly embraces. Think white-washed walls, floor to ceiling views of the crystal seas, bath tubs big enough for two dotting the flowing bedrooms. Its water features evoke Grecian temples, their views are as dramatic as Greek myths. This is the place to stay for some beautiful, beautiful luvin’.


The white sands, the lashing blue seas and the clinks of glasses of rosé, set off by the sounds of the world’s best DJ’s. That is Ibiza. Our memories there are some of the best we’ve ever had. Every day is an adventure: one of hedonism, one of purity. Whatever you’re after, this island has it. Go any time from May to early October, the bookmarks of the party season. And when we say ‘go’, we mean it. Go. Now.

X- Tash & Dev


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