When people think of James Bond movies there are many things that come to mind; a dashing secret agent, vodka martini—shaken—not stirred, guns and gadgets, plenty of sexual innuendos, and of course those unforgettable biki-clad Bond girls. There is a recurring theme in all of these movies which is that if you’re dressed in a sexy looking swimsuit, even the world’s toughest secret agent can lose his senses. Let’s go down memory lane and give some of those bikini beauties the respect that they so aptly deserve.

The very first Bond girl to start the bikini trend was Ursula Andress in her white belted bikini, knife attached to her waist, looking dangerous but spectacular.


A strange bikini moment, but wonderful for anyone who’s a big fan of gold. Poor James realizes that his nemesis Goldfinger had killed his bikini beauty. Shirley Eaton looks terrific no matter what color she’s in.


This one piece with a seductive split was worn by Claudia Auger in Thunderball. The way she wore this swimsuit exuded confidence and femininity. Perhaps it’s that extra dose of confidence that helped her save Bond’s life!


That sexy fishnet covering the midriff was worn by another beauty who appeared in Thunderball, this time she’s the bad girl. It’s hard to decide which one of them wore her swimsuit better, perhaps there is no reason to compare and just accept the fact that both women were fabulous.


In this scene, Jill St. John wears an innocent looking burgundy bikini, however Bond still manages to be fooled by her.


This string bikini was worn by Gloria Hendy in Live and Let Die. Unfortunately it was not the bikini that made her famous but rather the color of her skin and the fact that she was the firt African American to become Bond’s love interest. Thankfully we’ve moved away from this type of thinking and now we can concentrate on the important stuff. She looked sublimely beautiful with her athletic figure.


Maud Adams played in quite a few of the Bond movies, and quite the favorite among audiences worldwide. She looks absolutely sexy and fearless as she relaxes in her one piece.


Barbara Bach in the Spy Who Loved Me had one of the most memorable bikini moments in a Bond movie. When she’s about to shoot Bond, while wearing a bikini, she also tells him that she loves him. Go figure.


Halle Berry in Die Another Day gives long time followers of the franchise a feeling of déjà vu when she too emerges from the water in a two piece, clad with belt and knife just as Ursula Andres had done decades earlier. Who says that orange should be reserved for Halloween when it’s obvious that it can be sexy and daring all in one.


Which one is your favorite Bond bikini?

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  1. Really strange bikini moment. Bond movie bikini is fantastic. Thanks

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