Beauty 101: Our thoughts on the eyelash extension trend

From sugaring to lip kits, gel manicures to waxing, we dish about the latest lash extension trend.

It’s happened to most of us: you leave the house with a freshly cleansed face and a coat of your favorite thickening mascara only to find that just a few hours later your mascara has begun to run down your face as if you just got news that Angie and Brad broke up… oh wait that did happen. The icing on the cake? You remember two flirty encounters at last year’s New Year’s Eve where your makeup was oozing down your cheeks and now you’re questioning everything. So should you ditch the mascara altogether and seriously consider opting in for the trendy eyelash extensions? Let’s be honest, we have all lived through one of the above dramatized stories; but all jokes aside, with the eyelash extension trend picking up in popularity there’s a good chance you have considered hopping on the lash extension band wagon.

In past years, Devin indulged in the latest and greatest faux lashes and found that as with most beauty products and trends, eyelash extensions have their pros and cons too.


As one could imagine, waking up each morning with beautifully voluptuous and thick lashes is a lap of luxury. Getting ready in the morning is cut by at least ten minutes, and considering we love the au naturale look there’s not much more to add beauty-wise other than a deep moisturizer, some lip balm and the right attitude. Thanks to lash extensions, feel free to toss your smudge-proof mascara aside.

Lash extensions add a dramatic look for when your days turn to night and you find yourself batting your eyes while mingling with your latest love-interest. They subtly add more glamour to each and every night since they’re longer and thicker than real can ever be. You might even find your lashes to be your ‘pièce de résistance’ to your fab wardrobe and flawless selfies- no filters required. Bottom line, lash extensions leave you feeling angelic-like every morning of the week- Mondays included.


We’d prefer not to share any negativity about the lash trend, however, we found a few issues that we’d like everyone to be aware of. Although waking up in the morning with a full set of dark, full lashes is convenient, it’s sometimes hard to remember not to rub your eyes when you haven’t had your morning espresso yet. When you jump into the shower for a quick wash it can be inconvenient and difficult to remember not to get your lashes wet. If your budget is tight or your trying to save, lash extensions can be a bit expensive when compared to a tube of Benefit mascara. A well done full set can run up to $300 and the fill every 2-3 weeks is around $150. They require personal maintenance and diligent dedication to keep them looking picture-perfect at all times. Not to mention, each lash fill appointment takes around an hour or more, depending on the salon, so be aware that penciling in an appointment every 2 weeks may cut into your daily workout schedule or girls night out.

At the end of the day, we believe beauty comes from the inside-out and by no means should you feel the need for lash extensions to feel beautiful. Your naturally born lashes are just as gorgeous and perfect the way they are. Lashes or no lashes, we truly believe that everyone’s natural beauty comes from within.

If lash extensions are not your thing check out some of our favorite mascaras!


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