How often do you sit in a movie theatre, lost in the beautiful visuals on screen and dreaming that you are on the picturesque, white sandy beaches blasted in front of you? All the time. We know that feeling all too well. Those fantasy settings, places that we’re sure don’t exist in reality. Except they do. And they’re pretty much just as magical as they look on screen.

Here is our guide to where to go to make those movies a reality [sic. We can’t provide Leo, annoyingly].


St Vincent and the Grenadines

A myriad of blues and crystal clear waters, St Vincent and the Grenadines provided the backdrop for those dastardly Pirates of the Carribean. The obvious allure of the bays is their uninterrupted beauty. However there is another uniquely entrancing quality to St Vincent. You know that pirate ship? It actually existed. Well, almost. The movie was based on truth, with pirates having previously stumbled on the silk shores whilst escaping the French and English colonisers. You can just imagine the swash-buckling, sword-fighting swearing of Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom as you lay back and soak up the soothing rays, listening to barely-there waves thrash up against your feet in tiny minuets. Who said you couldn’t live in a Disney movie?

Kastani Beach, Skopelos

If Europe is more your thing, there is no where better than Kastani Beach. Recognisable as the backdrop for a medley of Abba-inspired, all singing, all dancing cheese, Skopelos provided the set for Mamma Mia. What stood out in the movie was the breeze that you could just feel as Amanda Seyfried ran into the arms of Dominic Cooper; the pure white buildings contrasting with the sharpest of blue skies. Moreover, the culture on the island is as magical as the scenery, providing that extra-added benefit of visiting. Family values are paramount, so there is a sense of community like no other. As if you needed another excuse…

Phi Phi Leh Island

Then there is, of course, the eponymous beach from The Beach. With a whole movie named after it, of course it had to feature on our list. A little more dramatic than the rest, this one is filled with enthralling rainforest and sharp cliffs. Famous among the backpacker and luxury-loving communities alike, it is the perfect place for every budget. This is a beach whose beauty speaks loud enough to draw anyone to its Pure Shores (gettit?) the world over. There is not a single angle that isn’t Instagram worthy. When can we go?


Laughing Waters, Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Bond Girl moments are THE best moments of any film. So great, that they transcend their origins to become iconic. Ursula Andress, anyone? At A Bikini A Day, we worship any girl that can walk out of the sea like that. And any girl can, especially whilst emerging from the dreamlike waters of Laughing Waters in Ocho Rios in Jamaica. Whilst not as remote as some of the other beaches featured in this list, its proximity to the Jamaican vibes of peace and love, combined with the tranquillity of the tropics, makes this a must do.

(Note: Halle Berry recreated the scene decades later in Die Another Day. If Bond girls keep going back, it’s good enough for us. That’s for sure)


Ischia, Amalfi Coast

When you think of The Talented Mr Ripley, you’re more than likely to picture a man, on a boat, being hit across the head with an oar. Aside from that, you’ll remember the drop-dead-gorgeous palette of pastel that made up the movie’s backdrop. Where is it? Ischia. As with many Italian beach towns and islands, Ischia is made up of numerous tiny coves, dotted with picture-book homes and the faint yet irresistible smells of pasta drifting through the cobbled streets. Ischia is an island just off Naples, meaning that it’s not part of the mainland and has its own, unique charm. With the medieval Aragonese Castle adding a mind-blowing silhouette to an already dreamlike vista, Ischia speaks romance like no other.


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