Beach Etiquette

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 9.15.35 PMLet’s be honest, there are different types of moods that prompt us to go to the beach. One could be to hang out, meet friends, talk and have a good time. Another mood is where you’re just interested in peace and quiet, breathing in the fresh salty hair, and enjoying the soft strokes of the sun on your body. If your purpose for going to the beach is for meeting up with friends, then it’s important that you take into consideration other beach goers who might be there for some alone time.

-Avoid walking right next to people’s towels. That extra splash of sand in the face is never appreciated.
-No need to place your towel on your neighbors toes.
-Don’t let your pets run over to other people’s towels while they’re trying to rest peacefully. This includes little children as well.
-Not a good idea to erect an umbrella right in front of somebody’s face; it’s tantamount to going to the movie theater wearing a hat and blocking the view of the screen.
-Don’t play frisbee or any other beach game too close to people.
-When you’re done eating and drinking, pick up your trash right away instead of littering the beach or letting it fly into somebody’s space.
-We recommended in our beach bag necessities article to bring speakers to the beach, however, limit the use to when you are not in direct ear shot of other beach goers who may not be fans of your country music station.
-Smoking. All we have to say is ew!

If you happen to go to a very crowded beach and all you want is seclusion, don’t be the grouch that makes everybody else’s life miserable. Bring your headphones to block out noise. Bring some props, like a couple extra towels to put around you to create your new boundaries and be sure that no one invades your space. But really, all you can do in that instance is recognize the fact that this kind of atmosphere cannot accommodate your needs and try to make the best of the situation. At the end of the day whether you’re there for a crazy time or for some seclusion, ultimately, we are all there to simply enjoy the beach.

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  2. This is a great post ! Sometimes people just weren’t taught the correct morals growing up!


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