Running a business, working late nights, and following your passions can sometimes be at odds with making time for family and friends. It seems each year provides new obstacles, with 2016 being no exception. During the holidays we finally get a chance to look up from our work and focus on the people in our lives that mean the most. No one is an expert in work-life balance, everyone has different schedules and priorities. With our companies (A Bikini A Day, Monday Swimwear and Monday Active)  moving full steam ahead with no sign of slowing it is more important than ever to us to make sure we don’t burn out. Maintaining a balanced life outside of work, in our opinion, can make one more productive in business and re-focus your goals. Reflecting on this last year, here are a few of the tips that keep us connected with the people we love and to help us maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Life is all about connection. While we connect via social media and FaceTime, nothing substitutes the power of putting the devices down, scheduling a lunch with your favorite friend, and catching up. Make those in your life feel heard without the distractions, they will be your anchor through the inevitable waves of pitfalls and successes in business and in life. Plan ahead for the important stuff – like wedding venue shopping with your sister, gift shopping for the perfect present for your best friend or spending quality time with a grandparent.

Find a routine. The most successful people we’ve met have routines that keep them well oiled for long days. We try not to start our days with too much intensity and outside stimulation. The morning “scroll” as we call it is often times unavoidable as we love to catch up on morning news via Twitter and of course check out Instagram. But everything is about balance, so instead of jumping on your phone the second your eyes open, take a moment to stretch, meditate (without falling back asleep, which can be a challenge) and welcome your day with positive thoughts before diving into the cyber world or the pool of emails that may await you. Control your mornings, don’t let them control you, and it will set the tone for the day.

Learn the power of no. While some adopt the concept that saying yes to every opportunity will grow a business, we beg to differ. Don’t spread yourself too thin. The key to work-life balance is quality, not quantity. The trick is learning which projects will energize you, and which will leave you drained. Remember, all work and no play can make anyone dull. Don’t lose your vivaciousness by being bogged down with all the details. Say no, delegate, and live the life you’ve always dreamed.

Stay balanced in 2017. Happy New Year!

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